Frontline Leaders Program​

Context and Overview The client approached Executive Central to support the organisation as it explored ways to improve Branch level outcomes through its leaders. Through requirements gathering and needs analysis process, a program was designed and deployed using a range of pre-developed and bespoke elements that were mapped to their capability framework.​ Delivered over through nine interactive online workshops […]

Women Leading Program​

Context and Overview Recommencing in 2022 after a prior four-year period, from 2016 – 2019, Executive Central continues to provide a Leadership Program for high potential women from Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP – formerly Coca Cola Amatil). Based on the success of the initial leadership development program, CCEP institutionalised the initiative as the David Gonski Women […]

Executive Leadership Team Support​​

Context and Overview The client approached Executive Central to support the organisation as it worked through a significant period of change. A relatively new leadership team had been established and there was a need to bring the team together to improve cohesion. Executive Central was engaged to facilitate a Leadership Development program and it was agreed that […]

Leadership and Coaching Program​

Context and Overview Landscape Sciences Branch had experienced significant workplace change and opportunities in relation to staff, work structures and activities. This included recruitment of key positions within the branch, such as Director and science leaders, supporting staff transitioning to retirement. This was underpinned by the need to renew their work program to strengthen business delivery, collaborations, networks […]

Large-scale Leadership Program​

Context and Overview The iLEAD leadership program was established by the Division recognising that ongoing investment in leadership was needed. The shape and design of the program came about from analysis of staff survey results, observations and feedback from Senior Executive leaders. In summary, it has been a very well received and positive program. Its success can be contributed to the program’s […]

Management Development Program​

Context and Overview Over the past four years (and ongoing), Executive Central has delivered the full Esri Management Development Program.  A core component of this program has been the provision of F2F coaching and capability-based 360-degree assessments to every participant in the program (approx. 200 participants to date) at both the beginning and end of each cycle […]