Executive Central’s exclusive methodology allows us to provide an end-to-end solution for coaching individuals, teams, groups, and all levels of leadership from the CEO down and across an organization. The suite of solutions we provide are structured across five pillars: leadership, strategy, transformational change, diversity and sales.

Executive Central coaches and consultants are accessible in-person in all major Australian cities and the Asia Pacific region. The Coachlive platform also allows our us to provide dynamic and cost effective coaching to clients spread across distant and international locations.

Our unique methodology is underpinned by academic research and uses cutting-edge tools and methods that are exclusive to Executive Central, such as the CREATE coaching model, I-WE-YOU leadership framework, Career Map, Leadership Capability Assessment Tool (LCAT), Executive Central Operating Styles (ECOS), and many others. We use several other leading third party tools such as Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 and a suite of Human Synergistics assessment tools.

Our methodology is also underpinned by Executive Central’s Four Hats of Coaching Philosophy. The Four Hats of Coaching is a philosophy used only by Executive Central coaches. It is based on the Mentor, Educator, Facilitator and Consultant skill sets and tools we’ve developed over 15 years of practice.

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Our solutions are designed to be adaptable for senior leadership roles, frontline managers and high-potential employees, with the aim of getting immediate results.

Coachees generate powerful insights about themselves and their situation, and are challenged and supported to apply that information in the workplace. The aim of coaching individuals is to support and empower them with greater self-knowledge and agency, activating strengths to realise their full potential.

We help coachees decide what to do without telling them what to do — an important distinction. Our model follows a structured approach for an agreed period, ranging from 4-12 months. Comprehensive evaluation and future direction–setting processes position each coachee to continue his/her leadership development into the future.

The core elements of individual coaching include:

  • understanding the coachee’s motivators, drivers and operating environment;
  • building a relationship of mutual trust;
  • powerful and honest communication;
  • coachee ownership of the experience;
  • responsiveness and flexibility in the face of change;
  • and knowledge transfer to support decision-making.

Together we CREATE a coaching process that is completely bespoke for the individual.



Determining the program objectives, meeting the ‘sponsor’, agreeing on the ‘rules of engagement’ – such as confidentiality and ethics – and describe and set roles. 


Assessment of the coaching participant’s wants and needs, and the manager’s and organisation’s wants and needs, and assessment of a participant’s direct reports and peers – on independent and rigorous tools.


Conducted in parallel with the Review of Needs phase, this focuses on self belief and practical change in areas that are identified as ‘low-hanging fruit’ in the early parts of the coaching engagement.


Focus on sustained application of an agreed leadership development plan that integrates with the organisation’s performance system and ensures new learning and behaviours are embedded.


We look back at what we’ve learnt and forwards to how we implement that. We ensure coaching outcomes have been achieved; the coaching participant is equipped to accelerate their leadership journey; we ensure that no ‘dependency’ on the coach is developed.


We measure program effectiveness and return on investment; quantitative and qualitative measures are used to evaluate change and measure the ROI delivered by the coaching program.


Our difference lies in the skillsets we bring to coaching. We think of this as the Four Hats of Coaching Philosophy. The Four Hats of Coaching underpin a unique and effective methodology that gets immediate results.

A skilled executive coach is able to flex between the four roles of Educator, Mentor, Facilitator and Consultant, with each role bringing a specific skill set to the table. All of our coaches are selected for their deep experience and ability to apply all of these four hats as appropriate (something many coaches cannot and do not do) This depth and versatility is what makes Executive Central unique.

Every participant is empowered to apply their new found skills immediately and encouraged to constantly reflect and adapt as they implement their learning.



Brings sound knowledge, proven cutting-edge IP and tools, shared judiciously to inform the clients’ process of self-learning and self-enabling.



Shares senior executive experience with the client, adding veracity and confidence to empower the client to adopt their own leadership position.



Utilises experience with advanced questioning and listening skills to aid the client in gaining clarity and generating their own solutions.



Contributes their sound and contemporary subject matter expertise, aiding the client to make well-informed decisions for themselves.


Current best practice principles of adult learning are applied in an interactive approach to facilitated workshops. As with individual coaching, we facilitate the creation of action plans to get immediate and long-term implementation back in the workplace.

Leading teams and working in teams is integral to success in contemporary organisations. Most of us lead or participate in a range of teams at once, often with shifting, cross-functional structure and diverse personalities. Hence, we coach for agility and the ability to quickly form into a team that performs.

Our group and team coaching has a strong focus on how the team can reach a high level of performance: this is about how people work together.


  • Strengths, learning styles, operating styles, emotional intelligence.
  • This is all about what the individual brings to the team table.
  • Team behaviour, decision processes, positive and negative dynamics.
  • This is about how we behave constructively when together as a group.
  • Trust-based inter-relationships, influencing, networking, team dysfunctions.
  • This is about building trust in each other as teammates.
  • Team roles and responsibilities, effective team meetings, team planning and prioritisation.
  • Working efficiently and effectively as a group.
  • The team project of articulating shared vision and values, rules of engagement and accountability.
  • This is about committing to excellence together.


We have been partnering with the largest and most successful organisations in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors since 2004. Our partnerships deliver Executive Central’s exclusive best practice coaching methods and tools in solutions that are tailored for an organisation’s specific needs and context.

We link organisations to our diverse and experienced team of coaches and consultants who bring expertise from across sectors. Through this approach, we enable people to overcome their organisation’s biggest challenges, and realise their greatest opportunities.

Our success as business partners is evident in our history of building long-term relationships with our clients. We believe productive long-term relationships are the key to building trust and developing tailored solutions and a roadmap for success.

At the organisational level we:

  • Engage and discover business needs and challenges, and people and capabilities
  • Develop strategies in line with business goals
  • Coach leaders to implement strategies
  • Provide capabilities across five organisational pillars: leadership, strategy, transformational change, diversity and sales.
  • Coach leadership at all levels of an organisation so its people have the drive and capability to take ownership and lead.
  • Coach established leaders to develop a leadership pipeline of up-and-coming leaders.
  • Can establish an internal coaching panel and culture.


“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Managing Director, Executive Central


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