Reyna Matthes


Reyna Matthes

Reyna Matthes is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. She is an energising and engaging executive leadership coach, facilitator and keynote speaker. Reyna inspires people to actualize their full potential.

Accessing 25 years senior executive experience, she works with clients from ASX 200 companies from Australia and Asia-Pacific across a range of industries, including financial and professional services, banking, property, and government.

Reyna’s work is about getting results for organisational clients through their most valuable resources – people.

Reyna provides individual and group coaching programs, using a strengths-based approach to helping people realize their unique strengths and find their voice as a leader and influencer.

She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, taking a strengths-based approach to leadership development.

CEO’s, executives and senior managers engage Reyna to assist them in reflecting on, challenging and changing their leadership practice through individual coaching programs. She helps with identifying leadership strengths and challenges, articulating vision, and committing to strategic or behavioural change that will drive the organisation forward.

Reyna challenges her clients, in a supportive environment, to actualize their full potential. She drives transformational change, with an understanding of the drivers and opportunities in the contemporary business world.

As a Director of Executive Central, Reyna initiated the Women Leading Program. This experiential and action-focused program supports senior and high potential women to take opportunities and claim their seat at the leadership table. Being passionate about diversity and gender equity in leadership, Reyna supports the leadership trajectories of women in corporate life, encouraging women to recognize their strengths, and take a seat at the leadership table. With all her client groups, she is versatile in utilising a broad range of service offerings, all tailored to get the best outcomes for individual and organisation.

Reyna delivers highly interactive leadership workshops and forums, which lead participants to experience major shifts in thinking, behaviour and outcomes. She also delivers energizing and inspiring keynotes for industry conferences, business breakfasts, diverse leadership forums leadership forums and in-organisation events.

Reyna is accredited to administer the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) and Leadership Impact (L/I).

In her personal life Reyna enjoys her large community of family and friends, and participates in ocean swimming events to raise funds for organisations such as CanToo.


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The business imperative for diversity and inclusion strategy and policy can no longer be ignored. We know that organisations with a strong and effective diversity and inclusion focus will successfully navigate disruption and remain globally competitive and future focused. Learn more.

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