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Course Overview

Coaching is a critical skill for any leader, and Coaching Academy gives leaders the ability and confidence to coach senior executives, high-performing teams and talented employees.

The program helps participants build their coaching capability to enhance the performance of others. The program is designed for two cohorts:

  • Executives, managers and other leaders who wish to contribute to the development of a coaching culture in their workplace and deliver better business outcomes;
  • Executives and professionals who would like to transition into an executive coaching consultancy.

This program delivers workshops on coaching and leadership theory and practice. Each participant puts theory into practice immediately through our unique ‘live coachee’ experience, in which they coach an actual client while supported by a Master Coach. This ensures that participants can build on their new coaching skills, gain confidence, and develop trust immediately in a real business context.

All Coaching Academy participants undertake the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 self-assessment. Expert Master Coaches practice and teach a strengths-based approach that encourages each individual to leverage and enhance their identified strengths and coach from a strengths-based approach to unlock the potential in their coachees.

Participants have access to a suite of self-directed learning tools between the workshops and coaching their coachees, receive one-on-one coaching from a Master Coach, and access content and collaboration through a workplace group.

The program is delivered online via live video stream and is a uniquely engaging experience. Delivered over a full 10-week program, it includes three one-on-one coaching sessions, nine virtual workshops, a ‘live’ coachee client for trainee coaches to work with, a strengths assessment, accreditation and a community of practice alumni.

This is an interactive and participatory program and an opportunity to develop lasting relationships and a powerful professional network of fellow coaches. Graduates gain executive coaching certification as an Executive Central Accredited Executive Coach.

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What You Can Expect

9 Expert Online Workshops Delivered over 10 Weeks

3x 1:1 Master Coaching Sessions

Access Your Top Strengths with a Gallup Strengths Assessment

Be Recognised as an Accredited Executive Coach

Complete the Program in 10 Game Changing Weeks

At Executive Central we have 25 years’ experience with executive coaching, and we are passionate about sharing this rewarding profession with others. We coach best practice models and methods from our exclusive suite of content. Our Coaching Academy is delivered by some of the most highly regarded coaches in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region:

  • Practical High-Performance Coaching Methods and Strategies
  • Greater Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • An Action-Oriented Career Map
  • A Greater Understanding of Your Strengths and How to Enhance and Leverage Them
  • Knowledge and Strategies for Leveraging the Strengths of Executives and Talent You Coach
  • Certification as an Executive Central Accredited Executive Coach
  • Access to On-Going Coaching and Mentoring
  • Join a Professional Alumni Community of Executive Coaches
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Complete the Program in 10 Game Changing Weeks

Led by a female team of dynamic, experienced and executive women who have worked across an extensive array of industries, who’ll guide you through your journey of leadership and personal discovery. Starting off with identifying your personal strengths through the Gallup Strengths Assessment tool, you’ll learn the most effective way to embrace your leadership style. At the conclusion of the program you’ll have developed your career map and identified your personal brand to assist you in enhancing your leadership impact and career development.

Module 01

How to Coach

This module of the Coaching Academy focuses on defining the style of coaching we practice at Executive Central – pragmatic, business-oriented executive coaching. Participants will learn how to structure an effective coaching program and develop core coaching skills and techniques that will enable them to execute this coaching style.

Module 02

What to coach

This module of the Coaching Academy focuses on core behavioural and leadership models, frameworks, and methodologies. Armed with this content, participants have the ability to assist their clients in addressing a wide range of commonly occurring development needs.

Module 03

Building a Coaching Practice

This module of the Coaching Academy focuses on many practical considerations coaches are likely to encounter when attempting to establish and sustain a coaching practice. Participants will learn how to turn their newly acquired coaching skills into services that clients will engage them to provide

After completing the program, participants can reflect on their coaching experience. Demonstrate how they have applied what they have learned throughout the academy, reflect on their learning experiences, and consider how they might wish to apply what they have learned in their careers.

Module 04

Within these modules the following topics will be covered in the workshops

  • The What & Why of Coaching
  • The Executive Central Way of Coaching
  • Core Coaching Skills & Coachee Preparation
  • Operating Styles
  • Strengths-Based Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Priority Management & Delegation
  • Networking, Brand & Impact
  • Storytelling, Selling & Virtual Coaching
  • Practical Coaching Practice Management

Who Is This Program For

Those with the potential to make a real difference as an executive coach, either an organisational leader or an independent consultant. We provide proven coaching models, skills and practical know-how so that you can build best practice coaching capabilities.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

“It’s a great pleasure to have an impact in building executive coaching skills in leaders and aspiring coaches to build capacity in those they work with.  Having the ability to influence the standard of coaching skills in the industry is a great privilege.”

Glenn Ball

Director, Executive Central

Our Program Thought Leaders

This program is delivered by industry experts and executive coaches who will share their experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the program.

Rob Balmer Chairman

Rob Balmer

Reyna Matthes

Glenn Ball

Upcoming Program Dates

Were you unable to attend our recent program? We have the following future programs, enrol today to ensure you don’t miss out as program numbers are limited and sell out quickly.

Improve Your Coaching Skills

For your Organisation or Start Your Own Executive Coaching Business

Graduates of the Executive Central Coaching Academy finish the program as Executive Central Accredited Executive Coaches and receive a graduation certificate and the right to use our exclusive Accredited Executive Coach logo in any of their communications.

Accreditation is contingent on participation in professional development events. On-going learning is vital to maintain currency and best practice, and Executive Central supports all graduates with access to professional resources and a network of peers and mentors.

Executive Central Accredited Executive Coaches have access to our Resource Bank of tools, methods and information for professional education and development.

Alumni support is provided via a structured follow-up program and a peer-based community of practice.

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