Denise North: being a role model for young women

Jane Counsel, front and centre

I love celebrating International Women’s Day and it’s always a great opportunity to reflect on how I’m a changemaker for gender balance, diversity and inclusion.

I think there are three ways I contribute to these objectives. First, as a senior successful woman in business and the community, I can be a role model for young women looking to follow that path – I know my daughters see me this way.

I’m also a changemaker through my voluntary mentoring work in a number of programs that support women, sometimes just graduating, and sometimes mid-career. And I try to be available to anyone who wants to have a chat, ask advice or float an idea. My work as a coach with Executive Central in recent years has helped me to be more effective in that mentoring capacity.

The third way I hope I am helping to address gender balance, diversity and inclusion is through the boards I chair. I’ve encouraged fellow directors to address diversity directly when it comes to succession and board composition. This covers a range of diversity components: gender, ethnicity, age and professional background.

These are small actions on their own but if we can all take the steps that are available to us, we can make a difference together.

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