A taste of some exciting new ventures in 2020

new ventures

It’s the year 2020 and while we may not have flying cars yet (well we do, but they’re not yet mainstream!), the ever increasing pace of change and innovation is certainly a sign of the times.

At Executive Central we’re looking forward to introducing some big changes that will grow our IP and services and create an enjoyable and highly effective experience for our partners and clients. We are also incredibly excited about the transformations and innovations that many of our partners and clients are bringing to fruition.

One immediate announcement that I can tell you about is Executive Central’s appointment of Todd Everritt as our new Managing Director from February 3rd. Todd comes to us after 9 years with KPMG, the past 3 as the very successful Director of KPMG’s People and Change practice in Queensland. We are delighted that Todd has chosen to make his next career step with our business. Let me explain what this means for you and all of our clients.

For the foreseeable future, we anticipate the pace of innovation and change accelerating even further. Indeed, we don’t think the pace of change will ever again be as slow as it currently is! So if you’re thinking all of this change stuff will eventually just calm itself down and go away, think again! This will put a premium on executives’ and business leaders’ abilities to continually scan their environments, make decisions, drive innovation, and influence, lead and manage change.

This is the catalyst for Executive Central to deliver an expanding range of coaching-based services and solutions in new ways that will help develop those capabilities that organizations will need to keep innovating and successfully implementing change. We firmly believe that development must be about the application of new knowledge, not just its acquisition, and we’ll keep innovating our coaching-based solutions to make this a reality for our clients.

Since Executive Central’s inception in 2005, the Managing Director role has been filled by myself. I will now move into the role of Executive Chairman of Executive Central Group Pty Ltd.

Having an MD of Todd’s capabilities on board means that our team can focus on the enhancement and expansion of our services and solutions as well as providing high quality customer service to our ever-growing client base in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Right across our suite of solutions, including Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Transformation Coaching, Sales Development and Business Strategy, we will deliver tailored cutting-edge solutions.

Todd’s appointment also further enhances the depth of talent within Executive Central, strengthening the team and knowledge we bring to our clients. Todd will have management responsibility for Executive Central’s operations, with a particular focus on broadening our relationships with clients and identifying key growth opportunities for the business.

Personally, I am eager to jump into my new role, bring some exciting new products to market, and working closely with clients to deliver the services solutions they need and want.

An early sign of our product innovation is the Innovation and Effectiveness Diagnostic that we can now use to assess an organization’s capabilities for driving innovation. Every organization needs to innovate if it is to stay relevant. So we now have a tool that helps identify exactly what you need to do to build your innovation effectiveness. I would encourage you to take a look and consider how it could be used to help positively transform your organization.

I would also like to remind you that Executive Central’s Coaching Academy provides an opportunity for leaders to learn and apply our proven coaching methodology and knowledge base content. Participants can immediately take our methods and start applying them in their workplace with ongoing support.

We have two intakes planned for the Executive Central Coaching Academy in 2020, in both Sydney and Brisbane, the details of which are on the Executive Central website.

This is just a taste of what we have instal for 2020, and I can’t wait to reveal more.


Coaching is a critical skill for any leader. Our unique Coaching Academy gives leaders the ability, tools and confidence to coach senior executives, high-performing teams and talented employees. It focuses staff development on individuals and empowers people to deliver better business outcomes and achieve growth in their leadership capabilities.


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