Helping leaders demonstrate the behaviours that create inclusive organizations

Jane Counsel, front and centre

I am proud to reflect today on the role that I play as a positive change maker for gender balance, diversity and inclusion.

As an Executive Coach and Inclusive Leadership training facilitator, I focus on helping leaders understand the role they play in achieving gender balance by changing the culture or ‘social norms’ of an organisation, the behaviours and beliefs that go unquestioned and unchallenged and, therefore, become accepted.

My personal passion for diversity and inclusion has been fostered by a curiosity in people, their diverse stories and experiences and a genuine desire to help organisations maximise the potential of every individual.

Achieving gender balance in organisations will not happen by expecting women to fit in to the predominant often-masculine culture, to adjust their style and to be non-authentic.

Diversity in its purest form is about accepting difference, empowering people to feel safe to bring their ‘whole self’ to work, to take risks and to speak up.

If organisations keep expecting women to change, to ‘lean in’ to fit in and to be their non-authentic self in order to be heard, then they will never really move the dial on gender balance, never truly tap into the full talent potential of their people and never unpack the possibilities that different experiences and perspectives create.

I focus on helping leaders demonstrate the behaviours that create inclusive organisations, inspire diverse people to engage and in doing so unlock endless possibilities for innovation. I am proud of this work and the contribution it is making to #betterforbalance.

The solution for gender balance lies in the actions, behaviours and priorities of our leaders, who through the impact of their leadership shadow, have a powerful opportunity to positively shape the future of diversity and inclusion in our society.

In that regard, I particularly like the following quote from Maria Robinson, a famous Irish-British painter:

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

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