Sound strategy is critical to business success. Strategy needs to drive results – that’s a given. In a rapidly changing business environment, strategy also needs to be responsive and agile. It needs to drive the creativity and innovation that is going to produce results in the long term.

To successfully develop and implement a strategy, businesses need communication and alignment right across their organisation. Systems and culture need to support the vision that the strategy describes.

At Executive Central we provide expert coaching support and consultation to help you develop a sound strategy that meets the specific needs of your organisation, is properly implemented and is constantly monitored and fine-tuned to sustain results.

We have developed a comprehensive approach that identifies the factors that affect strategy development and implementation. Our consultants work closely with your organisation’s leaders, using facilitation, coaching, consultation and project management to address all relevant circumstances.

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Most business people agree on the importance of strategy, but there are various points in the strategy cycle where things commonly unravel.

Our business strategy consultants are experienced at coaching business leaders to identify and progress past those stress points. In the process, we assist in future-proofing your organisation through sound strategic practice.

The scope of our expertise lies across organisational and program strategy, human resources and operational strategy.

Strategy planning and implementation encompasses the key strategic elements of:

  • Alignment of organisational structure
  • Leadership on communicating vision and driving to fruition
  • Systems to support and enable achievement of strategic goals
  • Culture that creates and maintains beneficial performance
  • Aligning and allocating resources
  • Understanding and monitoring the external environment


Our coaches are all experienced executives who have demonstrable history of successfully developing and implementing strategy. They are also experienced coaches who use Executive Central’s exclusive coaching methodology to enable leaders in private, government and non-profit sector organisations to unlock their potential.

With real-world executive leadership and coaching experience behind them, our coaches use a holistic approach in business strategy consulting to assist with:

  • diagnosis and needs analysis;
  • pragmatic recommendations for business development and transformation;
  • strategy implementation;
  • coaching and mentoring;
    project management; and
  • monitoring and review services to ensure a seamless pathway through the strategy life cycle.

Our suite of strategy development services include:

Providing diagnostic, needs analysis and planning in all phases and component areas of strategy cycle.

Focused management methodologies to assist with implementation and successful implementation of strategy.

Workshops at C-Suite or senior manager level, tailored to your needs in relation to organisational vision, strategy development, planning and implementation, and leadership. Facilitation of workshops at middle management level support strategy execution.

Individual coaching to support you in building strategic leadership capabilities, provide a sounding board for strategic oversight and support progress on organisational implementation challenges.

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“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Executive Chairman, Executive Central


“When we started doing staff engagement surveys we were good, but we wanted to be better. That led to the leadership development we’ve done with Executive Central, and through that, all of our financial results improved over that period and our service levels improved.”

Tony Clark, CEO at National Transport Insurance
Violet Roumeliotis

“Executive Central has added great value to my career. I find I am a far better coach to people that I supervise and to peers in terms of mentoring.Our relationship with Executive Central is a great collaboration and partnership.”

Violet Roumeliotis, CEO at Settlement Services International

“Executive Central’s Coaching Academy is practical and it’s real. You can employ the lessons learned from day one. You don’t have to be an executive coach per se, you can be a leader within your organisation. Coaching Academy gives you tools that you can use when working with your people and be able to say to them: ‘actually, here’s something — a concept or approach — you can use in that situation’.

Tanya Johnson, Executive Manager Talent within People Experience, Suncorp

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