• Practical High-Performance Coaching Methods and Strategies

  • Greater Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

  • An Action-Oriented Career Map

  • A Greater Understanding of Your Strengths and How to Enhance and Leverage Them

  • Knowledge and Strategies for Leveraging the Strengths of Executives and Talent You Coach
  • Certification as an Executive Central Accredited Executive Coach

  • Access to On-Going Coaching and Mentoring

  • Join a Professional Alumni Community of Executive Coaches


Coaching Academy includes 9 interactive virtual workshops:

  • The What & Why of Coaching
  • The Executive Central Way of Coaching
  • Core Coaching Skills & Coachee Preparation
  • Operating Styles
  • Strengths-based Coaching
  • Leadership & Delegation and Time & Priority Management
  • Networking, Brand & Impact
  • Storytelling, Selling & Virtual Coaching
  • Practical Coaching Practice Management


Each Coaching Academy participant has 3 personal coaching sessions with an Executive Central Master Executive Coach. Gain powerful insights, self awareness, and strategies from a team of expert executive coaches. Our coaches bring senior executive experience in the corporate, public, and non-profit sectors in a range of industries. Access:

  • 400+ years of experience
  • Australia’s most highly-regarded coaches
  • Executive Central’s exclusive coaching methodology
  • Subject matter experts


Our unique ‘Live Coaching’ component gives participants the opportunity to work with their first coaching client, or coachee, in a supported, safe environment. Participants can build on their new coaching skills, gain confidence, and develop trust in a real business context immediately.


All Coaching Academy participants undertake the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 self-assessment. Expert coaches practice and teach a strengths-based approach that encourages each individual to leverage and enhance their identified strengths, and to coach from a strengths-based approach to unlock the potential in their coachees.

Our Net Promoter Score means 100% of respondents recommend Coaching Academy
Accredited Executive Coaches have graduated from Coaching Academy since 2015
Coaching Academy was established in 2015
Each Coaching Academy is completed over 10 and 10 core components


Our experienced executive coaches deliver this intensive program virtually using a mix of video-streamed group workshops, coaching sessions, pre-recorded video content and self-directed learning resources.

Over the 10-week program, participants further develop their coaching skills and knowledge based on our exclusive three module system of: How to Coach, What to Coach, and Building a Coaching Practice.

Coaching is a critical skill for any leader and Coaching Academy gives leaders the ability and confidence to coach senior executives, high-performing teams and talented employees.

The program helps participants build their coaching capability to enhance the performance of others. The program is designed for two cohorts:

  • Executives, managers and other leaders who wish to contribute to the development of a coaching culture in their workplace and deliver better business outcomes;
  • Executives and professionals who would like to transition into an executive coaching consultancy.

We equip people to become coaches who can make a real difference in the performance and careers of others. This dynamic program is delivered by consultants who are each experienced executives and coaches. They deliver cutting edge coaching models, skills and practical know-how, so participants can build a best-practice coaching capability.

Graduates gain executive coaching certification as an Executive Central Accredited Executive Coach.

The total cost for this program is $5,500 (+ GST) per person so why not register today.



(Workshops run from 10-12.30pm (AEST) with an optional Coffee & Chat from 9.30am (AEST))

  1. The What & Why of Coaching: Wed, 2nd Mar
  2. The Executive Central Way of Coaching: Wed, 9th Mar
  3. Core Coaching Skills & Coachee Preparation: Wed, 16th Mar
  4. Leadership & Delegation and Time & Priority Management: Wed, 6th Apr
  5. Strengths Based Coaching: Wed, 13th Apr
  6. Operating Styles: Wed, 20th Apr
  7. Networking, Brand & Impact: Wed, 4th May
  8. Storytelling, Selling & Virtual Coaching: Wed, 11th May
  9. Practical Coaching Practice Management: Wed, 18th May
  10. Recall Day: Wed, 29th June

PLUS 3 optional Masterclasses which are a deep dive into three of our most popular topics:

  1. Strengths: 14 Mar 10-11.30am
  2. Career Maps: 4th Apr 10-11.30am
  3. Operating Styles: 11th Apr 10-11.30am


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Our team of experienced consultants have 400+ years’ experience in corporate, public and non-profit sectors. 



Coaching Academy teaches participants our exclusive coaching methodology.



“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Executive Chairman, Executive Central



Through my work with Executive Central Coaching Academy, I’ve developed my own ability to coach others and share the experience and lessons I’ve learned in my career. The skills that you require to coach — active and power listening, effective questioning, and offering feedback — are wonderful skills in our personal and professional lives.

Violet Roumeliotis, CEO, Settlement Services International
Executive Central’s Coaching Academy is practical and it’s real. You can employ the lessons learned from day one. You don’t have to be an executive coach per se, you can be a leader within your organisation. Coaching Academy gives you tools that you can use when working with your people and be able to say to them: ‘actually, here’s something — a concept or approach — you can use in that situation’. People can apply that approach immediately. I found that after Coaching Academy I was able to do that more effectively using the additional tools and model that I’d gained.

Tanya Johnson, Executive Manager of Talent, Suncorp

I came into this program with a wealth of HR experience and Coaching Academy has enabled me to actually think ‘you know what, I can help this person with more than just redirecting and questioning’. I can give them advice or I can facilitate them in some development program. So a big change for my leadership style since going through Coaching Academy is that where I saw myself primarily as a colleague to senior leaders — and I still do — I also now see my role as the HR lead in a business being to coach and mentor to that entire leadership group regularly.

Steve Dwan, Managing Director, People Capability Partners
One of the biggest things that can make you feel somewhat ineffective as an executive and leadership coach is that you can often easily get to the root cause of someone’s challenge but not be able to help them fix it immediately. Executive Central’s Coaching Academy has given me some really practical and effective tools to use when having those conversations, so that I can actually assist people then and there and that has been the greatest benefit to me.
Brydie Bailey, Leadership Development Specialist, RACQ
We’re using Executive Central Coaching Academy for leadership coaching because we want our leaders to be coaches within the organisation who can bring along the next level of leaders. Rather than saying ‘you do this my way’, we want our leaders to coach their people to get those desired results using their own strengths and skill sets. Our leadership program is also showing those future leaders a pathway, and that has worked really well for us as an organisation.
Tony Clark, CEO, National Transport Insurance

I’ve been coaching people for a very long time, albeit on a more informal basis. But having the Executive Central Coaching Academy frameworks, I can now continue coaching conversations without them being forced: you can draw on the different tools and techniques to assist the person sitting in front of you. It’s enabling them to achieve what they’re really after. The program tools and methods are really practical, such as the Career Map and House of Change. They actually help people achieve the outcomes they’re looking for, by enabling the person — the coachee — to take the next step, make the action, really work out how going to do what they need and want to.

Haydn Thomas, Chief Executive, Mindavation

Coaching Academy really resonated with me in terms of the practicality of the methods we used, such as Happy Sad Happy and House of Change. I had understood or used these methods in the past but this program was about gaining a deeper understanding and putting a framework around it.It allowed me to understand more about the behaviours that drive situations, especially in leadership, and also how we operate on the surface level. So having new methods for understanding why people behave the way they do in certain situations is really helpful.

Susan Kennedy, People & Culture Business Partner, Nine

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