Executive Central Accredited Executive Coach

Graduates of the Executive Central Coaching Academy finish the program as Executive Central Accredited Executive Coaches, and receive a graduation certificate and the right to use our exclusive Accredited Executive Coach logo in any of their communications.

Accreditation is contingent on participation in professional development events. On-going learning is vital to maintain currency and best practice and Executive Central supports all graduates with access to professional resources and a network of peers and mentors.

Executive Central Accredited Executive Coaches have access to our Resource Bank of tools, methods and information for professional education and development.

Alumni support is provided via a structured follow-up program, and a peer-based community of practice.

Executive Central Accredited Executive Coach
Organisations we’ve worked with in Australia and world-wide
Leaders coached by Executive Central
0+ CEOs
Have received our executive coaching
Senior executives coached individually
Years’ combined experience as executives across a diverse range of business sectors
Chief Human Rights Officers coached.
Women Leading program participants coached


“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Managing Director, Executive Central


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