Flexible work arrangements are critical in the contemporary business environment and will only become more important for the future of work. Technology is disrupting modern workplaces and transforming employee expectations about where and how work can be done.

Recent surveys have shown that almost three quarters of Australian workers now expect flexible working arrangements and 40 per cent will reject a role with no flexibility. Yet many organisations still struggle to implement successful flexible work policy for their employees.

In Executive Central’s experience, initiatives to promote flexible work are only successful if hiring managers have the confidence and capability to successfully implement and manage those flexible arrangements, and employees have guidelines and processes to encourage mutual accountability for success.

Executive Central’s Flex for Success program has been built leveraging first-hand experience of initiatives that have been proven successful in market-leading flexible work organisations, such as Westpac Group, as well as other private and government sector clients.

Our program is outcomes focused and has a proven track record of delivering results aligned to business priorities for organisations either transitioning to all-roles flexible work environments or wanting to increase employee engagement in flexible work.


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This half-day workshop provides People Leaders with tools and insights to boost their leadership capability in managing flexible teams across the life cycle of work including:

  • A deeper understanding of the business imperative for flexible workplaces in the future of work as well as an enabler of diversity and inclusion;
  • An understanding of the business benefits of flexible work including research that shows that flexible workers are the most productive employees;
  • An awareness of the available options for flexible work in their organisation, employer legal obligations and supporting policies, Fair Work Australia compliance guidelines as well as clarity on what Flexible work is and what it isn’t;
  • An Engagement Map for leaders to map their own engagement and awareness on flexible work as well as their teams;
  • The Flexibility Cycle – a basic process for designing, implementing and reviewing flexible work arrangements in their teams;
  • Increased awareness of how Unconscious Bias can limit engagement in and effectiveness of flexible work arrangements;
  • The behaviours and mindsets that Agile and Inclusive Leaders use to successfully lead flexible teams;
  • Sharing Leading Practice – exploring successful case studies on flexible work from best practice organisations and Top Ten success factors;
  • Practical embedding of the learning through workshop exercises and? an Action Plan for immediate implementation of key insights.


Executive Central also offers a half- day workshop for HR and Diversity Practitioners providing tools and resources to develop coaching capability to support leaders and teams in implementing flexible work arrangements including:

  • The development of a narrative that outlines the business imperative and benefits of a Flexible work environment ;
  • An overview of the role of HR in supporting leaders wanting to increase flexible work arrangements in their teams or transitioning to an All-Roles Flexible work environment;
  • An Engagement Map to assess the different stages of leader awareness and engagement on Flexible?Work (including conscious and unconscious barriers);
  • Provision of coaching tools and advice on how to coach leaders and teams;
  • How Unconscious Bias can act as a barrier to flexible work;
  • The Flexibility Cycle – a process for designing, implementing and reviewing flexible work arrangements;
  • Sharing leading practice – exploring successful case studies on flexible work from leading practice organisations and key lessons learnt;
  • Success factors.


Executive Central also provides coaching sessions working directly with people leaders and their teams to successfully implement flexible work arrangements, particularly where there are specific challenges and barriers to implementation. Coaching content is structured around specific goals and objectives and is delivered over five 1.5 hour sessions.


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“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Managing Director, Executive Central


“When we started doing staff engagement surveys we were good, but we wanted to be better. That led to the leadership development we’ve done with Executive Central, and through that, all of our financial results improved over that period and our service levels improved.”

Tony Clark, CEO at National Transport Insurance
Violet Roumeliotis

“Executive Central has added great value to my career. I find I am a far better coach to people that I supervise and to peers in terms of mentoring.Our relationship with Executive Central is a great collaboration and partnership.”

Violet Roumeliotis, CEO at Settlement Services International

“Executive Central’s Coaching Academy is practical and it’s real. You can employ the lessons learned from day one. You don’t have to be an executive coach per se, you can be a leader within your organisation. Coaching Academy gives you tools that you can use when working with your people and be able to say to them: ‘actually, here’s something — a concept or approach — you can use in that situation’.

Tanya Johnson, Executive Manager Talent within People Experience, Suncorp

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