Our Inclusive Leadership Mastery solution helps leaders develop the mindset, skills and behaviours to manage business disruption and create a culture for innovation. It helps leaders build an inclusive approach to leading diverse employees.

The forces of globalization, shifting workforce demographics and digital transformation are constantly changing the nature of work and employee and customer expectations of leadership. The diverse skills and solutions needed to be adaptable and innovate in an ever-changing world can only come from a diverse pool of talent.

This means that leaders will increasingly be defined by their ability to achieve inclusion and trust to harness the diversity of talent in their workforce.

Inclusive Leadership Mastery is an engaging and interactive program that is tailored to your organisation’s and your personal context and needs. It is delivered by our team of experienced diversity and inclusion consultants who are also executive coaches.

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The Inclusive Leadership Mastery program is run as a half-day workshop, or it can be customised and run over a longer period to include additional modules on Design Thinking and Creativity. It can also be delivered in partnership with other Executive Central solutions, such as Leadership Excellence, Women Leading, Indigenous Leadership and Superior Team Performance. Delivery can also be customised to suit client needs.

Program consultants coach Executive Central’s I-WE-YOU leadership model, which is a practical and effective framework that provided to organizational leaders. It is based on extensive research and professional practice.


We help leaders understand the urgency for building future-proof leadership capabilities that are critical to the continued success of your business. We analyse global mega trends, such as digital transformation, globalisation and diverse employee demographics.

Employee and customer expectations of work, leadership and business are changing. Employees are increasingly searching for value and meaning from their work and customers want a deeper and more authentic relationship with organisations. With this in mind, we examine trust as the foundation of high-performance and success. We demonstrate how trust forms the basis of inclusion and step through a model for building trust within teams.



The inclusive leader needs a mix of, cultural competence, humility, an open- minded spirit of inquiry, and emotional intelligence. We explore the mindsets and behaviours of inclusive leaders and demonstrate the proven link between inclusion, uniqueness, psychological safety and innovation.

Unconscious bias is a barrier to inclusion and innovation and can stifle efforts to create genuine cultural change in organisations. A better understanding of unconscious bias helps leaders become more effective in building diverse teams and challenging flaws in existing cultural dynamics and organisational processes to unlock greater diversity, collaboration and inclusion.



The foundation of all of our work with you is based on developing your strengths. We use the Clifton StrengthsFinder to help participants identify their strengths.

We then work with you to activate your strengths for maximum effect in your workplace and career. When people use their strengths at work, they are more productive, engaged and successful. Together we apply your strengths to build an authentic inclusive leadership shadow for program participants.

    The shadow cast by leaders is proven to have the biggest effect on influencing cultural change in organisations. The program concludes with two one-hour individual or group coaching sessions. The sessions are aimed at embedding key program insights through the identification of inclusive leadership shadow actions that can be immediately applied in the workplace.



    • Provides leaders with the skills and frameworks for an inclusion mindset;
    • Demonstrates the link between trust, inclusion, diversity and innovation;
    • Applies a strengths-based leadership approach to enable the development of authentic Inclusive leadership skills;
    • Broadens leadership perspectives on the business imperative for diversity and inclusion;
    • Identifies behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that limit inclusion and acceptance in the workplace;
    • Provides sensible tools and strategies to build confidence and competence in the leadership of diverse, innovative and collaborative teams.


    There are still not many women progressing through the ranks. Just one of the reasons for this lack of progress is women’s confidence and knowing when they can go for a promotion. So for the 17 most senior women in Fire & Rescue NSW, we needed to organise coaching and a networking opportunity so they could become empowered. We chose Executive Central because they had a tailored leadership program for women and had delivered the Women Leading programs in similar organisations to ours and it had a good track record for what we needed.

    Chief Superintendent Wayne Phillips, Fire & Rescue NSW

    The guidance of Executive Central’s Jane Counsel during the development of our Opportunities for Women program has proved invaluable, as she has successfully engaged key industry sponsors and influencers and created a highly supported industry-wide program. She has proved to be a great asset to our industry and to those who will benefit from the program.

    Stephen Hale, Head of Communications and Marketing, Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia

    The big take away for me from the Women Leading program was the focus on ‘strengths-based leadership’, that was pretty potent. We got to explore strengths even further, recognising our strengths and how to apply them. I feel it has given me confidence as a leader – that was huge. I also loved the Career Map work. I think that 20 years ago, if someone had sat with me and talked to me about my career map, I would have taken on a leadership role much earlier.

    Tracy Spindler, Leading Station Officer, Fire & Rescue NSW


    University of Southern Queensland


    Executive Central Accredited Executive Coach


    “We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

    Rob Balmer, Managing Director, Executive Central


    “As a woman in a mostly male environment, I can be leading men in their sixties and I know it can be a little challenging for them to have a female boss. The Women Leading program reinforced being yourself through its strengths-based leadership approach.”

    Zena Mehanna, Station Officer, Fire & Rescue NSW
    Tracey Spindler

    The big take away for me from the Women Leading program was the focus on ‘strengths-based leadership’, that was pretty potent.

    Tracy Spindler, Station Officer, Fire & rescue NSW

    The training targets the under-representation of Aboriginal people in upper management positions. It challenges self-perceptions and assists participants to realize the skills and abilities they have to offer.

    Participant, Aboriginal Leaders and Managers Program, Tranby College

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