Organizational Effectiveness Inventory™

Executive Central consultants can use the Human Synergistics Organizational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI) tool to help you develop a deeper understanding of your organization’s culture, through the perspectives of the people who live it every day.

The OEI is a partner tool to the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI). It provides valid, reliable and usable data on the structures, systems, technologies and skills/qualities that affect your culture. It also provides recommendations if those components need to change in order to improve performance and long-term effectiveness at individual, group and organizational levels.


The OEI is a 128-question survey that gathers confidential feedback from your employees on:

  • their experience and perceptions of things that influence, and can be changed to improve, your organizational culture and performance;
  • the outcomes of your culture for individuals (such as in their engagement), groups (such as in their teamwork) and the organisation as a whole (such as in its adaptability and overall quality);
  • The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be supplemented with up to 40 items or questions of your choice.

The survey data is processed electronically and a report is generated to meet your organization’s needs. An experienced and accredited Executive Central consultant then guides you through the findings and the steps required for successful change management.

The OEI survey is available online and on almost any digital device, as well as in hard copy.


We recommend that the OEI is applied in conjunction with the Organizational Culture Inventory®, which reveals what you’re really asking of your employees and how it affects their performance, motivation and job satisfaction. The OEI also integrates with the Life Styles Inventory™, and Leadership/Impact® assessments to capture the links between individual, group and organizational behaviour.


An Executive Central consultant can apply the OEI within your organisation to measure and assess the important internal practices and conditions that are likely to affect your organization’s culture, performance and long-term sustainability.

It’s particularly valuable for organizational change initiatives such as:

  • assessing your employees’ attitudes, motivation and stress levels;
  • identifying targets for changing and improving employee engagement and organizational performance;
  • developing cases for change;
  • developing organizational change strategies;
  • monitoring and evaluating the impacts of change and development initiatives and interventions.


The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) can be used during the needs analysis process of a coaching assignment. It is one of several assessment tools that can be used to determine needs.


The Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI) can be used to assess your organization’s culture. The OCI is the world’s most widely used tool for measuring organizational culture. 


We use the Leadership/Impact® (L/I) tool with executives and managers to provide unique insights into their personal leadership strategies.


The Organizational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI) tool can help you develop a deeper understanding of your organization’s culture, through the perspectives of the people who live it every day.

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