Leadership Excellence Masters Degree Pathway

All of our Leadership Excellence programs put participants on a pathway towards a Master of Professional Studies Degree, if they wish to further progress their qualifications. Completion of any of these programs can earn participants credits towards the masters degree with The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework.

USQ has formally recognised the academic rigour of Executive Central’s exclusive leadership methodologies as it fits within the university’s post-graduate program. Each different solution within the Leadership Excellence suite of programs is assessed differently by the university, with credits of between two and six claimable towards the total 12 required for the masters degree.

University of Southern Queensland

The Master of Professional Studies Degree is structured to fit the requirements of highly-skilled and busy professionals and executives to:

  • Combine postgraduate study with full-time employment;
  • Combine studies with projects and studies in their professional practice, leading to benefits for themselves and their organisations;
  • Develop their ability for analytics, critical and creative thinking in workplace applications;
  • Demonstrate a high level of skill in identifying, choosing and implementing solutions appropriate for addressing various scenarios.
  • Develop their skills and gain a postgraduate qualification while maintaining their current employment position.
  • Executive Central coordinates a seamless transition for any of our Leadership Excellence program graduates who choose to continue with the Master of Professional Studies Degree.


“The Leadership Excellence program is well aligned with the general principles of work-based learning pedagogy.

“Executed in accordance with the principles of work-based learning, the Leadership Excellence program promises to not only generate tangible organisational and personal outcomes, but in many respects mirrors a significant shift in thinking in regards to professional development. The critical features of the Leadership Excellence program that support the concept of work-based learning are therefore compelling.

“In accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), Executive Central clients can use their completion of Leadership Excellence programs coupled with evidence of their other professional experience to apply for credit exemptions towards the Master of Professional Studies degree. We are able to grant between 2 and 6 credit exemptions out of a total of 12 units needed for completion of the degree.” — Dr Luke Van Der Laan, Director, Professional Studies Program, University of Southern Qld.

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