First Peoples Leading

Empowering First Peoples With Leadership Confidence and Capability

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Our Program Thought Leaders

This program is delivered by industry experts and executive coaches who will share their experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the program.

Jason Ardler

Thirriwirri Co-Founder & Director

David Major

Thirriwirri Co-Founder & Director

Course Overview

Developing the confidence, capabilities and connections to successfully transition and  thrive in leadership roles is critical to achieving tangible, long-term improvements in the social and economic outcomes experienced by First Peoples, their families and communities.

Often motivated more by aspiration than ambition, many First People possess the hallmarks of good leadership – purpose, resilience and humility. Yet First People are likely to face a number of unique challenges that must be anticipated, managed and ultimately leveraged in order to realise the purpose that drives their leadership aspiration.

The program is delivered online via live video stream and is a uniquely engaging experience. Delivered over 4 months, the program is centred around 7 x 2.5-hour workshops, an individual needs analysis, provision of extensive self-directed learning resources and 1:1 coaching.

 This is an interactive and participatory program and an opportunity to develop lasting relationships and a powerful professional network. It is guaranteed to have a positive impact on everyone.

The program provides opportunities to take a critical look at each participants’ career, leadership and personal strengths.

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What You Can Expect

7 Expert Online Workshops Delivered over 4 months

3x 1:1 Executive Coaching Sessions

Access Your Top Strengths with a Gallup Strengths Assessment

Develop key skills including negotiation influencing & leading teams

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Complete the Program in 4 Game Changing Months

The team delivering this program includes First Nations people with real and extensive senior leadership experience who will share their unique insights and tips for overcoming the assumptions, attitudes and biases that too often create barriers to First Peoples’ succeeding in senior leadership roles.

The program is specifically tailored to deliver improved leadership and management skills and foster:

  • Sound theoretical understanding, combined with practical advice on how to survive and thrive in leadership roles
  • Greater level of self-awareness and understanding of the impact of emotional intelligence
  • High-level facilitation, negotiation and influencing capacity
  • High-level skills in leading teams and building a culture of high performance
  • Learning from peers’ experiences and approaches to common leadership issues
  • Pragmatic implementation of learning skills into the workplace

Workshop 01

Leadership and Authority

Knowing what you stand for and what you won’t stand for. Thinking of yourself as a leader is an important motivator for acting as a leader and further developing leadership skills. So leaders need to have a healthy sense of their own strengths and power to influence change.

Workshop 02


Leadership is meaningless in the absence of purpose. Purpose-driven leaders have the most significant impact on others. Leadership mobilises people in service of a larger purpose, not just emotion. This module defines a participant’s primary purpose and what their values are.

Workshop 03

Influence and Impact

We have developed a methodology to allow you to easily describe the way you (and other people) operate/behave in the workplace, at home or in different social situations. In other words, how people go about their business and how they get things done. We call this behaviour a person’s Operating Style.

Workshop 04

Dignity and Authenticity

This workshop assists participants in developing their authentic leadership style and how credibility and trust are important leadership behaviours.

Workshop 05

Leading & Managing Change

Leading and managing change can be difficult for leaders. This workshop goes through the simple change process and provides the tools and theory to assist participants in successfully managing this within their organisations and community.

Workshop 06

Leading for Impactful Change

In this workshop, participants learn the drivers of superior performance and how to assist people in coming together and leading conducive group dynamics. Included is understanding the four types of relationships that exist between any two stakeholders and how to develop a team charter for groups to ensure team commitments.

Workshop 07

Thriving Moving Forward

Everyone’s leadership journey will develop and evolve over their career. This workshop takes the time to work with the skills and tools developed during the program and ensure participants are ready to continue the journey of their own personal career success.

Workshop 08


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Who Is This Program For

Participants should be First People either in leadership roles, or have the qualities and aspiration to be in a leadership role in the future.

For Aboriginal leaders, the social and moral obligation that comes with community leadership is life-long. Those who lead, who have authority, must care for and look after those who come behind.

- Senator Patrick Dodson

“Our aspiration is not just to create great First Nations leaders, but to create great leaders, full stop! Purposeful leaders, equipped with the agility and confidence to respond adaptively and with dignity to the unprecedented complexity and pace of change currently experienced by our communities and organisations.”

Jason Ardler & David Major

Thirriwirri Co-Founding Directors

Upcoming Program Dates

Were you unable to attend our program that began on the 14th September 2022? We have the following future programs, enrol today to ensure you don’t miss out as program numbers are limited and sell out quickly.

Develop and leverage your Talents

Step into your leadership style with great influence and impact.

The First Peoples Leading program is a partnership of Executive Central and Thirriwirri.

Thirriwirri is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated organisation formed for the purpose of supporting First People communities and others to build the confidence, capabilities and connections to work together differently to achieve improved outcomes. The Directors of Thirriwirri have a combined 40 years senior executive experience, leading multi-disciplinary teams, strategy and reform across a range of complex policy areas.

Thirriwirri is Supply Nation Registered and NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Assured.

Acknowledgement of Country

We pay our respects to Elders and community leaders, and those leaders that came before us, who for millennia have maintained the world’s oldest surviving cultures and who have made it possible for us to do what we do. We acknowledge the strength and innovation of our young people, the leaders and Elders of the future.

We also pay respect to the non-First Nation people we work with who share our vision for an empowered, prosperous and culturally assured First Nations Australia.

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