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Leading For Purpose

Program Overview

Executive Central’s Leading for Purpose program is designed specifically for volunteer, charity and not-for-profit organisations. The program provides a non-profit sector leadership coaching model delivered by Executive Coaches who have experience leading in the non-profit, corporate and public sectors.

Leaders in this sector face particular challenges that can include:

  • Multiple stakeholders
  • Mixed volunteer and professional workforces
  • Uncertain funding streams
  • Governance models that are in development

Opportunities for leadership development can be limited by the small size of many organisations in the not-for-profit sector. And the pressure to prioritise resources to the immediate needs of clients often trumps investment in capability.

This program is designed around those particular needs and delivered in the context of the sector.

Executive Central offers leaders in the not-for-profit sector and other ‘For Purpose’ business models a professional development program often only available in large corporations and government agencies.

The Leading for Purpose program is suitable for leaders with significant responsibility and those on a leadership journey, such as directors, executives, emerging executive talent and recently promoted managers.

Program Structure

The program starts with a detailed needs analysis so we can tailor solutions to your organisation’s specific needs.

The program is supported by the involvement of your organisation’s managers or mentors. We use group and executive one-to-one coaching to support and challenge participants toward taking their seats at the leadership table.

Participants complete projects, such as relevant reading and completing the Gallup Strengthsfinder Inventory.

Group Workshops

Group workshops provide a team environment in which to learn from and with others. The facilitator introduces stimulus material on PowerPoint, pre-reading requirements and media, and suggested follow-up resources.

We create a relaxed and open environment in which people can test their ideas and have informed critical conversations with their peers. We link topics to the experience of the participants, and approach facilitation by putting participants at the centre.

This guarantees a high level of engagement from the audience.

Executive Coaching

One-to-one Executive Coaching develops self-awareness of strengths, values and attitudes. It also identifies areas for further development. Coaching provides a confidential environment in which:

Learning Partners

We recommend that participants organise into a peer learning partner system. Having a learning partner means that you have someone who can give you a reality check, insights or a boost. We recommend that learning partners meet independently from the structured workshops, with an agreed combination of grabbing a coffee together, phone contact or emails as required. All learning partner relationships evolve in their own way.

Learning Resources

Participants are provided learning resources to prepare for group workshops and coaching sessions. By utilising these resources, participants can improve their knowledge on specific topics and allows for personal reflection. We source current articles and papers from research providers such as McKinsey and Harvard Business Review and provide insights from academic and industry or professional journals and resources. Digital media includes links and video as further stimulus and inspiration, which are included in program learning nudges.

Program Benefits For Participants

  • Leaders taking ownership of their career development
  • Awareness and enhancement of individual strengths for greater performance
  • Increased confidence to engage with and influence people – internal and external
  • Transformation and self-awareness of strengths, leadership style and potential

Program Benefits For Organisations

  • Strengthening the leadership pipeline;
  • Leadership diversity that leads to market alignment, creativity and innovation, financial performance
  • Healthy, engaged culture with increased attraction and retention
  • Improved Board/Management/Leadership alignment

Executive Centrals Leadership Framework

Executive Central’s I-WE-YOU leadership model is a practical and effective framework our coaches use when coaching organisational leaders. It is one of the key pieces of leadership intellectual property we have developed based on extensive research and professional practice.

I-WE-YOU describes the shift of focus and value delivery that leaders must make as they evolve and unlock their full leadership potential.

The I-WE-YOU framework helps support clients to grow their own leadership and that of the broader organisation.

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