Superior Influencing | for Public Sector Leaders

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The ability to successfully influence internal and external stakeholders is a mission critical priority in contemporary organizational life.

Regardless of role or title, the need to influence change, innovate, collaborate and co-operate effectively, enlist and motivate supporters, and negotiate win-win outcomes will only increase as our organizations, and society in general, continue to face seismic shifts and accelerating disruption.

Leaders at all organizational levels need to be equipped with superior influencing skills to be successful in their current roles and be considered as realistic options for more senior roles.

This program helps those leaders develop influencing skills that play to their own unique strengths, encourage them to feel comfortable and genuine, and enable them to engage with real impact to deliver real outcomes.

Out of stock

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  • Workshop One: Friday 23 July
  • Workshop Two: Friday 6 August
  • Workshop Three: Friday 20 August
  • Workshop Four: Friday 3 September
  • Workshop Five: Friday 17 September
  • Workshop Six: Friday 1 October
  • Workshop Seven: Friday 15 October
  • Workshop Eight: Friday 29 October
  • Workshop Nine: Friday 12 November

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