Treasury Casino and Hotel Brisbane

Business overview

Treasury Casino and Hotel is one of Brisbane’s most popular tourism and leisure destinations. It operates gaming tables and machines, food and beverage and entertainment venues, as well as five-star accommodation.

The Treasury’s operations are overseen by its CEO and an executive team of General Managers who each lead key operational departments. These departments include: Table Gaming, Gaming Machines, Hotel Operations, Food and Beverages, Marketing, Security, Maintenance, Legal, IT, Finance and Human Resources. The members of this team are all highly experienced and skilled operators in their own right, with over 150 years of combined experience in the Hotels and Gaming industry.

The business challenge

Treasury’s organisational development manager approached Executive Central Managing Director Rob Balmer in 2010, to investigate the Executive Central Superior Team Performance Coaching process as a leadership development option that could help the executive team improve its performance as a team.

“The members of the executive team were undoubtedly all “stars” in their individual areas of expertise but they themselves felt they weren’t performing as a “star team.” Treasury’s organisational development manager at the time said.

The executive team was overseeing significant projects involving change management, and were beginning to fall into ‘silo behaviour’ and sometimes failing to operate as a cohesive and synergised team.

Interviews and analysis identified the following challenges:

1. While team members generally got on well with each other, differences of opinion between them would often be perceived as conflict and the discussion terminated and/or avoided;

2. Team members were sometimes perceived as pushing agendas that benefited their own department or themselves personally as opposed to the business as a whole;

3. Some team members were perceived by others to disengage from discussions when the team was together, but would then continue these discussions outside of the team forum;

4. There was a lack of clarity around which decisions needed to be made by the team and which could be made by individuals, often resulting in unnecessary delays on one hand or frustration on the other;

5. The team struggled with strategic planning and described itself as being ‘good at execution, but poor at strategy’.

The solution

Treasury embarked on Executive Central’s Superior Team Performance Coaching solution, delivered by Rob Balmer. The dynamic program was conducted over six months. It combined a series of half-day group coaching workshops with all members of the executive team, with pair coaching sessions designed to help team members build partnerships and help each other to implement some of the strategies developed during the program.

“What we really liked about Executive Central’s approach was that Rob really took the time to get to know us as individuals and our business,” HR Director (at the time) Donna Spurway said.

“What we didn’t need was a standard ‘team building’ exercise. We needed someone with the credibility and experience to be able to challenge us, inspire us, entertain us and inform us with practical, ‘real world’ knowledge and strategies that could be put in place by the team and then sustained for the long term. And that’s exactly what we got from Rob.’

Business outcomes

The Treasury executive team worked with Executive Central over an initial six month period and then continued that work through regular ‘check-ups’.

The team reported that it was able to significantly improve conflict resolution between executives and between their departments. Using Executive Central’s model, the team reframed conflicts as opportunities and developed a charter of ground rules for resolving internal conflict and used that to achieve significant business goals.

The executive team developed clarity around authority and decision-making protocols, improving productivity and team harmony.

Executive Central worked with the Treasury executives to develop clear and practical business strategies for reaching and exceeding business goals.

The tangible outcomes

The team met and exceeded its financial goals for the year.

The team successfully presided over the implementation of a major strategic change initiative which significantly positively impacted the business.

The organisation’s staff engagement scores improved markedly for the year.

The level of staff turnover reduced for the year.

A number of executives reported improved confidence in their individual roles and as members of the leadership team.

The team began using a common leadership language which permeated throughout the organisation and enabled better discussion and understanding of certain common challenges.

Team members felt less stressed and more able to be vulnerable within the team which lead to a greater level of support between team members.

Within two years of completing the program, more than half of the leadership team had been promoted or had left the organisation to take on more senior roles.

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