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In our ADAPTOR® professional sales program, we do much more than teach participants a consultative selling process. We simplify the critical elements of consultative selling to make them easily applicable in the field.

At a simple level, ADAPTOR is an acronym that summarises this simple methodology. However, we also address the emotional intelligence required by sales professionals to build trust-based relationships with clients. This requires them to ADAPT their own approach to ensure optimal results are achieved with clients who have many different styles. We also address the need for organisations to ADAPT their cultures to be client-centric as opposed to self-centric, and to ensure everyone in the organisation is helping the sales effort, not hindering it.

The ADAPTOR method:

  • Approach?;
  • Discover Client Needs?;
  • Acknowledge Client Needs?;
  • Present Solution?;
  • Test Acceptance?;
  • Objection Handling?;
  • Reach Agreement/Advance.

ADAPTOR® addresses the critical elements of the professional consultative selling process. We also recognise and address the challenges of aligning culture and processes to support the sales effort.

ADAPTOR® Sales Excellence is a group coaching program built around six core modules that are usually delivered over six months. The program includes:

  • bi-monthly group workshops;
  • pre-reading;
  • work-based assignments;
  • peer learning support; and,
  • 12-month phone access to your coach;
  • We also offer optional individual or pair coaching;
  • Robust program evaluation for your ROI measurement.
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  • Level 1: Professional Sales System;
  • Level 2: Emotional intelligence of selling: relating to the client;
  • Level 3: Aligning culture to support customer-centric sales efforts.


  • Professional Selling Fundamentals: The value proposition, ADAPTOR® principles;
  • Client Relationships: Emotional intelligence, communication styles;
  • Value Selling: Buying decisions, the trusted advisor, enduring client relationships;
  • The Approach: Unique market differentiators, opportunity analysis, approach strategy;
  • Discovering Customer Needs: Rapport, clarifying needs, client interviewing skills;
  • Presenting Solutions: Feature/ Benefit/Advantage, and gaining acceptance;
  • Handling Objections/Reaching Agreement: Objections, responses and closing the sale.


  • Greater transfer of knowledge and application of techniques than traditional training programs;
  • Development of critical sales competencies and confidence to succeed;
  • Building valuable sales and support networks;
  • Align organisational sales process and language.


“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Managing Director, Executive Central


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