LEADER® Sales Management System

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We offer the LEADER Sales Management System® for professionals at all levels who are leading sales teams. This system ensures you are operating with the confidence and knowledge needed to champion sales within the sales team and the broader organisation. It can be delivered in a group format for people from multiple companies or as an exclusive, tailored program.

Our program design ensures a high-quality, interactive group experience and immediate integration of learning into workplace practice.

The program includes individual needs analysis and three full-day master classes include:

  • networking functions;
  • pre-reading;
  • work-based assignments;
  • peer learning support and 12-month phone access to your coach;
  • We also offer optional individual or pair coaching;
  • evaluation and measurement.

The LEADER method:

  • LEAD across the organisation;
  • EDUCATE on the role and principles of professional selling;
  • ACCOUNTABILITY for application of sales principles in the sales team;
  • DRIVE alignment towards a positive sales culture;
  • EVALUATE sales performance with a variety of measures;
  • RECOGNISE and reward effective behaviours, performance and results.
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Six modules provide a thorough grounding in Sales Management competencies.

  • L = The transition from professional to Leader; the emotionally intelligent leader, setting priorities for self and others.
  • E = Professional selling fundamentals, territory management, account lifecycles, identifying best practice and high value activities. Preparing, planning and executing.
  • A = Best-practice application in the sales team: accountability, delegation, coaching, and leading.
  • D = Driving alignment within culture through educating and influencing. Driving sales performance within the organisation overall.
  • E = Evaluation of sales people, performance and culture. Interpreting the ‘so what?’ for the organisation as whole.
  • R = Sales incentive plans, non-financial rewards, recognition, reward and motivation.


    • Greater transfer of knowledge and application of techniques than traditional training programs;

    • Development of leadership concepts and language to build a cross-functional sales focus;
    • Confidence to lead and champion a high performance sales team
    • 12 months phone support from your Executive Central Coach
    • Ongoing support – recalls, forums, peer networks.


      “We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

      Rob Balmer, Managing Director, Executive Central


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