Navigating the ‘Neutral Zone’ of Change: COVID-19 Pandemic

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The challenge for leaders is to recognise what they are truly dealing with in a crisis or transformation, and to chart a path forward that acknowledges where they’ve been but also embraces where the ‘new beginnings’ might take them.

Leadership is ultimately about change and transition. We are leading from somewhere to somewhere else. There are many change theories and models to help explain change but there is one model that stands out for seeing and navigating the COVID-19 pandemic: it’s called Managing Transitions. It is a simple and pragmatic model for developing actionable solutions for leaders who are attempting to lead and manage change, and we use it in this White Paper to help leaders navigate through change to a new and better normal.

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Navigating the Neutral Zone of Change: COVID-19 Book Cover
Rob Balmer
Rob BalmerExecutive Chairman
Todd Everitt
Todd EverittManaging Director