Guy Cooper

Executive Coach


In a coaching context his ability to relate and adapt positively to the challenges of working with people in a pressured environment in an empathetic way is highly sought after.

His greatest strength is as a listener to really hear what is going on and responding as an empathetic leader to help clarify how best to proceed to achieve the desired outcomes. He is energised by helping individuals and teams to work out how to first clarify and then move forward to achieving the desired goals.

His passion is to help people fully step into their leadership capacity by clarifying their strengths and facilitating the full development of the team around them. Guy fully understands the challenges of being caught up in ‘management’ and responding to the constant demands of people that inhibit ‘leading’.

Professional Background

Guy’s has firsthand experience on the priority of an organisation clarifying its mission to drive growth and the key place that developing a healthy culture has for engaging both internal and external stakeholders.

Guy’s key focus of expertise is leadership in the NFP/charity sector. For many years he was an executive at The Wayside Chapel in Sydney’s Kings Cross as The Head of Community Engagement/Development. There he oversaw many successful programs covering a huge diversity of community, corporate and client based services. Prior to that Guy had 30 years of experience in community development and critical incident management and debriefing. He was also a highly sought after mentor.


Guy is an accredited executive coach and has qualifications in:

    • Management
    • Workplace Health & Safety
    • Workplace Assessment & Training
    • Critical Incident Debriefing and Response
    • Theology

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Team building
  • Mentoring
  • Change management
  • Critical Incidence Response and debriefing – He is also a noted public speaker.
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