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Our consulting expertise spans a comprehensive range of organisational areas, each tailored to meet the modern challenges of today’s dynamic business landscape. With a focus on delivering tangible results, our team of seasoned consultants brings depth, insight, and innovation to every project. 

Here’s an outline of our areas of expertise: 

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Strategy Consulting

We help organisations define their vision and mission, identifying strategic goals and the actionable steps needed to achieve them. Our approach is collaborative, ensuring that strategic plans are not only ambitious but also realistic, aligning with both market opportunities and internal capabilities. 

Our Approach

Aligning and anchoring the Leadership Team around where the organisation stands at present (the starting point for transformation), engaging in constructive dialogue about the barriers to growth, forming consensus on the key opportunities and risks, and building a view of the team’s capability to deliver is the basis of this stage. It is vital to analyse the facts, interrogate existing strategic documents, research the competition, assess the fit-for-purpose of the organisational KPIs, and understand performance gaps and targets. We assess the current business situation through the lens of internal factors such as Leadership, Culture, Systems, Resources and Structure and consider the external environment through STEEPLE (PESTEL) Analysis and other such frameworks.

Once the current state is consolidated, and an understanding of the direction the organisation needs to take is clear, the next challenge is to set the strategic goals aligned to key planning horizons. The strategic goals should be balanced and consider what success looks like for all stakeholders. These goals are then aligned to the business plan through the setting of near term and medium-term objectives – these should be synchronised with budget forecasts and desired outcomes for the organisation. We work with stakeholders, typically through a workshop (or series of workshops), to define the future state – using guiding question techniques to help participants be clear on where they want to go and tie this into the 3-stage horizon planning framework.

With strategic goals, including short- and medium-term objectives, there is a need to start planning the journey (including, as appropriate, the engagement of stakeholders). The aim is to close the gap between the current state and the strategic goals. It’s essential at this stage to define who is responsible for deliverables and timelines. Before leaving this stage, there is a need to cross-check the organisation’s ability to execute based on priorities, resource capacity and fiscal/ operating environment constraints. We capture the key execution levers noted by participants and work together on identifying key focus areas, opportunities, strengths of the business and the initiatives (big ideas) that will guide the strategy in the form of an action plan.

Embedding the strategy and key KPIs into BAU and ensuring the business cycle is adjusted to review and monitor progression against the strategy is vital to ensure the goals remain front of mind. There is a need to devote time specifically to assessing the strategy’s progress – not just including this in operational meetings but making sure strategy meetings are planned and actioned. Recasting or reforecasting may be required periodically as the internal and external environments shift. Thought should be given to how strategy elements can be embedded in performance management, board reporting and business function planning. Alignment to the vision and mission must also be observed and maintained.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Our DE&I consultancy is dedicated to creating more inclusive workplaces where diversity is not just recognised but valued. We assist organisations in developing and implementing comprehensive DE&I strategies that promote a culture of inclusivity, equity, and respect. Our work includes bias training, policy development, and frameworks for continuous improvement in diversity and inclusion metrics. 

Leadership Capability and Development

Recognising that strong leadership is the cornerstone of successful organisations, we offer bespoke leadership development programs. These are designed to enhance the capabilities of leaders at all levels, from emerging leaders to senior executives. Our programs focus on critical skills such as decision-making, emotional intelligence, and strategic leadership, fostering a pipeline of talented and effective leaders. 

Culture and Performance Analysis

Understanding that organisational culture significantly influences performance, we provide in-depth analysis and insights into the core values, behaviours, and attitudes that define your organisation. Our consultants work to align your culture with your strategic objectives, identifying areas for cultural enhancement and implementing strategies to drive performance and employee engagement. 

Workforce Transformation

In an era of rapid technological advancement and changing work patterns, we support organisations in transforming their workforce to meet future challenges. From skills development and talent management strategies to designing flexible work models and embracing digital transformation, we tailor our approach to ensure your workforce is resilient, adaptable, and ready for the future. 

Our consultancy is characterised by its holistic approach, considering the interconnectedness of these areas to ensure solutions are comprehensive and impactful. By partnering with us, you gain access to a wealth of expertise, innovative solutions, and a commitment to achieving excellence across all facets of your organisation. 

The next generation of strategy consultants are here to shape the future.

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