Transform your team into a cohesive and high-performing powerhouse

Superior Team Performance

Our approach to improving team performance draws on the diversity of your team’s operating styles and strengths, ensuring that every unique skill contributes to superior outcomes. We focus on cultivating group dynamics that encourage team members to act as allies, fostering an environment of proactive support and shared commitment to the team’s direction. 

Trust forms the foundation of our program, with an emphasis on developing trust-based relationships within your team for a more robust, collaborative dynamic. Our methods also streamline team processes to ensure synchronised and efficient team efforts. 

We encourage teams to adopt a living Team Charter, evolving with your team to continuously challenge and extend capabilities in performance, collaboration, and innovation. This charter serves as a set of guiding principles, facilitating accountability and shared responsibility among all members. 

Our program offers reflective practices for leaders to assess their team’s dynamics and the effectiveness of their leadership. By considering the operating styles within the team, the group dynamics at play, the nature of relationships among members, and the efficacy of team processes, leaders can identify areas for growth and improvement. 

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Our Impact

1000’s of participants have completed this program and its various forms over the last 20 years. We have a long history of developing leaders at all levels and providing highly engaging learning experiences.

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What You Will Get

Program Launch/ Orientation Sessions

9 x 2 hour virtual workshops or 3 full day workshops

Online Learning Workbook

"Forget Me Not" Learning App

12 Month ad-hoc Telephone Support

Program Modules and Outcomes

  • How the Mind Works – Adult Learning Principles
  • Introduction to Workplace Operating Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence – A Pragmatic Approach
  • Assessing the Balance of the Styles within the Team
  • Key Strengths Represented by Team’s Mix of Styles
  • Potential Consequences of Strengths Overplayed
  • Flexing Styles for Superior Results
  • Understanding Natural Tensions
  • Identifying Types of In-Team Behaviour
  • Driving Proactive Input to Team Decisions/Direction
  • Driving Proactive Support of Team Members
  • Defining Preferred In-Team Behaviour
  • Managing “Misaligned” In-Team Behaviour
  • Eliminating Destructive Group Dynamics
  • “The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team”
  • The Characteristics of High Quality Relationships
  • Measuring the Quality of Relationships
  • Influencing and Networking
  • The Relationship Cycle – 2 Options
  • Prioritisation and Planning for Relationships
  • How Effectively and Efficiently Do We Operate?
  • Understanding Team Modes of Operation
  • Flexing Team Style
  • Strategic Planning – What Drives The Business?
  • Team Prioritisation Processes
  • Monitoring and Review
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Team Meeting Process
  • Team Vision and Values – Building Energy and Trust
  • Developing our “Rules of Engagement”
  • Team Member Accountability
  • Keeping the Charter Alive and Dynamic
  • “Magnification” Through the Organisation

The true value of industry thought leaders, is not their ability to acquire knowledge, but their willingness to share it.

Our Program Thought Leaders

This program is delivered by industry experts and leadership coaches who will share their experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the program.

Rob Balmer

Sally-Anne Ross

Lisa Wells

Karina Jardim

Lisa Glatz

Jac Peters

Enquire today and one of our expert team members will be in touch to discuss the opportunities available and how Executive Central can be of assistance.

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