Creating a ripple effect that elevates the entire organisation, not just the individual

Executive Coaching Services

Our executive coaching programs are designed to enhance the skill sets of individual leaders and to create a ripple effect that elevates the performance and culture of the entire organisation. Through personalised attention, a strengths-based approach, and a commitment to practical, impactful development, our executive coaches help leaders unlock new levels of effectiveness and success. 

Led by highly experienced executive coaches, these programs are tailored to empower leaders at all levels to realise their full potential. These programs are deeply rooted in a coaching and strengths-based approach, focusing on maximising individual talents and capabilities to foster personal and organisational success. 

Our Impact

We have a long history of developing leaders at all levels and providing highly engaging learning experiences.

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What Our Coaches Do

Our coaches begin by identifying each leader’s unique strengths through comprehensive assessments. This strengths-based approach ensures that development plans are personalised and effective, leveraging what leaders do best to overcome challenges and reach their goals.

The core of our coaching involves strategic development sessions where leaders are guided to refine their vision, enhance decision-making skills, and foster impactful leadership styles that resonate with their teams and organisational culture.

Our executive coaches work with leaders to set clear, achievable goals. Through regular check-ins, they ensure leaders remain accountable, on track, and supported as they work towards these objectives.

Recognising the pivotal role of communication in leadership, our coaching programs support the enhancement of interpersonal communication, negotiation, and influence skills. This ensures leaders can effectively articulate vision, motivate teams, and navigate complex stakeholder relationships.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, resilience and adaptability are crucial. Our coaches equip leaders with the tools and mindset needed to thrive amidst change and bounce back from setbacks stronger.

How Our Executive Coaching Programs Stand Out

Customised Approach

Each coaching engagement is tailored to the leader’s specific context, challenges, and goals, ensuring relevancy and maximum impact.

Evidence-Based Techniques

Our coaches employ proven methodologies and the latest insights from leadership theory and psychology to drive meaningful development.

Sustained Engagement

Unlike one-off training sessions, our coaching programmes provide sustained support over time, allowing for deeper reflection, learning, and behavioural change.

Practical Application

We emphasise the application of learning in real-world scenarios, ensuring leaders can immediately implement new strategies and insights in their daily work.

Confidential and Supportive Environment

Our coaching sessions offer a confidential space for leaders to explore their challenges, aspirations, and growth opportunities openly and without judgement. 

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Coaching for Individuals

  • Develop strong and confident leadership and deliver on results
  • Build self-awareness of and action on strengths and development areas
  • Examine values, beliefs and attitudes and how these impact leadership
  • Lead and empower teams towards confident effort and achievement
  • Identify political influences in the workplace and ways to deal with them
  • Effectively manage change and enhance work-life balance

Specialist Executive Coaching Solutions

Our exclusive methodology provides best-practice tools and methods for a considered and systematic approach to leading a team or organisation.

We identify personal strengths using the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 and analyse how they can be enhanced and used in an influential leadership style. Then design a strategy to activate your strengths to achieve your professional goals.

We provide professional and structured support for leaders who are new to a role, seeking to change their position or have recently had a change in their career, including redundancy.

Our career mapping process and coaching assist leaders in proactively planning for their career development and promotion and executing these plans effectively to achieve their career goals

Our coaching methodology and the direct C-suite experience of our coaches and consultants are used to challenge clients to gain deeper insights into their leadership styles. Executives are given the tools to unlock the full potential of themselves, their people and their organisations.

Coaching for Groups

Our approach to group coaching is grounded in a pragmatic, business-oriented framework designed to cultivate leadership development. Here’s how we structure our approach:

  • Tailored content specific to your needs.
  • Practical application that integrates business scenarios relevant to your industry.
  • Interactive Learning and active participation through group exercises, peer learning, and shared experiences.
  • Focus on results using clear, measurable objectives, including leadership competencies, team performance, and driving organisational change.
  • Continuous support and resources for ongoing development.
  • Adaptive and flexible methodologies to remain aligned with your changing business needs.

Why Group Coaching?

Participants benefit from the diverse perspectives, experiences, and insights shared within the group. This diversity enriches the learning experience, providing multiple angles on common challenges.

Group coaching fosters a sense of community, offering participants a network of peers they can turn to for advice, support, and sharing best practices. This network can become a valuable resource long after the coaching program concludes.

The group setting allows for the pooling of collective wisdom, where participants can learn from each other’s successes and setbacks. This collaborative environment often leads to innovative solutions and strategies that might not emerge in one-on-one settings.

Participants in group coaching often experience increased accountability to their peers. This social aspect can motivate individuals to achieve their goals and make progress more consistently.

Group coaching can be more cost-effective than individual coaching, making leadership development accessible to more people within an organisation without compromising the quality of the learning experience.

Interacting within a group setting helps participants hone their communication and interpersonal skills, including active listening, empathy, and articulating thoughts clearly. These are key leadership qualities.

For organisations, group coaching can illuminate common cultural and structural issues that may be affecting performance. It offers a safe space for employees to provide feedback, which can be invaluable for organisational development.

Group coaching allows organisations to develop multiple leaders simultaneously, making it an efficient way to scale leadership capabilities across the organisation.

While the coaching is conducted in a group setting, facilitators can still tailor the program to address individual needs and goals within the collective framework, ensuring personalised development within a shared learning environment.

When team members participate together, it can improve understanding, trust, and collaboration within the team, leading to more effective teamwork and better overall performance.

Coaching for Organisations

  • Positive organisational culture, with improved retention, engagement and performance
  • Enhancement of winning, high-performance executive teams
  • Faster assimilation of newly appointed executives and newly formed executive teams
  • Improved Executive and, therefore, staff morale
  • Improved business and financial outcomes through enhanced strategy and execution

Fostering a collaborative culture, and driving organisational change

We’ll discuss your business and strategies and how we can partner to deliver effective solutions specific to your organisation.

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