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Drive growth and transform your professional potential with Executive Central’s ADAPTOR® Sales Academy program. In an economy where challenges abound, it’s crucial to convert these challenges into unparalleled business opportunities. Our program is meticulously designed to breathe new life into your business development and client engagement strategies.  

By seamlessly blending foundational sales techniques with the nuanced art of professional consultative selling, the program transforms challenges into unparalleled opportunities for growth. Participants embark on a comprehensive learning journey, delving into the “5 Golden Rules” of sales tailored for the 21st Century, ensuring not just meeting but exceeding targets. Through a tailored learning experience, participants engage in a mix of dynamic group workshops, personalised individual or peer coaching sessions, and actionable learning directly applicable to their unique work environments. 

The program offers the unique option of joining multi-organisation group programs, allowing participants to benefit from a broader range of perspectives and networking opportunities. For firms with a larger number of professionals, a tailored internal program can focus on specific development needs within the unique context of your firm and its market. 

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What You Will Get

Orientation Session

9x 2 Hour Virtual Workshops

3x Individual Coaching Sessions

Online Learning Workbook

12 Month ad-hoc Telephone Support

"Forget Me Not" Learning App

Program Modules and Outcomes

  • Where do we currently sit with respect to “Selling”?
  • Different Models of Selling we may have experienced.
  • Defining Professional Consultative Selling
  • Understanding the Most Common Sales Inhibitors/Myths
  • Introducing the ADAPTOR® Approach
  • Key Principles of ADAPTOR®
  • The “Value” Proposition and How Clients Buy
  • The Customer Buying Decision
  • The Customer Value Formula
  • Understanding the Concept of a “Trusted Advisor”
  • The ROI of “Trusted Advisor” Status
  • Strategies for Building Enduring
    Client Relationships
  • The “Effort/Time” Options

ADAPTOR® recognises that no matter how good the selling process, people buy from people! As such, to be successful, professional salespeople must demonstrate high levels of Emotional Intelligence to be able to ADAPT to make customers feel comfortable and safe in their buying role. Indeed, the ability to form long term, Trusted Advisor relationships is a critical skill of all professional salespeople.

  • How Adults Learn and Change
  • Emotional Intelligence and it relevance to Professional Consultative Selling
  • Personal Operating Style
  • Self Awareness and Management
  • Adapting Our Style to Achieve Superior Results with Others
  • Client Relationship Development and Management
  • Understanding our Unique Marketing Differentiators (UMD)
  • Business and Sales Opportunity Analysis and Research Strategies
  • Eliminating the “Cold” from Initial Calls
  • Call Planning and Developing an Approach “Angle”
  • The Real Objectives of the Initial Call
  • Developing an Initial Approach Strategy
  • Opening the Call and Clarifying Objectives
  • Building Rapport and Using the “Angle” to
  • Client Interviewing Skills including
    • Active Listening Skills
    • Questioning for High Impact
    • Questioning to Ensure Client Desire for Change
    • Explicit Needs Vs Implied Needs
    • The Questioning Funnel
    • Flexing Questioning Style for Superior Results
  • Features, Advantages, Benefits
  • Building a Substantial Case with Needs-Driven Benefits
  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication
  • Flexing Communication Style for Superior Results
  • Engaging Communication Techniques (Formal/ Informal)
  • Testing for the Client’s Understanding and Acceptance of the Solution
  • Initiating Action
  • The True Nature of Objections or Client Concerns
  • The Importance of “Seeking” Objections
  • Dealing with “Show Stopper” Objections
  • Preparing for Objections
    • Best Practice Vs Common Practice
  • “Emptying” the Customer
  • Objection Handling Strategies
  • Exploding the Myths about “Closing”
  • Reaching Agreement and Advancing to Recurring Sales
  • Drive Alignment of the Organisation with the Sales Voice Engagement Process.
    • Power, Influencing and Networking Skills
    • Building Internal Allies
    • Leveraging Internal Capabilities
    • Eliminating Internal Obstacles/ Distractions
  • Drive Sales Organisation Performance
    • Discovering ongoing sales organisation needs
    • Discovering ongoing channel partner sales organisation needs
    • Balancing personal involvement and team development opportunities
    • Capturing and communicating best practice behaviour and skills
  • Recruiting for attitude, developing for results
    • Best practice recruitment techniques

The true value of industry thought leaders, is not their ability to acquire knowledge, but their willingness to share it.

Enquire today and one of our expert team members will be in touch to discuss the opportunities available and how Executive Central can be of assistance.

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