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I came into this program with a wealth of HR experience and Coaching Academy has enabled me to actually think ‘you know what, I can help this person with more than just redirecting and questioning’. I can give them advice or I can facilitate them in some development program. So a big change for my leadership style since going through Coaching Academy is that where I saw myself primarily as a colleague to senior leaders — and I still do — I also now see my role as the HR lead in a business being to coach and mentor to that entire leadership group regularly.

Steve Dwan, Managing Director, People Capability Partners

Through my work with Executive Central Coaching Academy, I’ve developed my own ability to coach others and share the experience and lessons I’ve learned in my career. The skills that you require to coach — active and power listening, effective questioning, and offering feedback — are wonderful skills in our personal and professional lives.

Violet Roumeliotis, CEO, Settlement Services International

When we started doing staff engagement surveys we were good, but we wanted to be better. That led to the Superior Team Performance leadership development program we’ve done with Executive Central, and through that, all of our financial results improved over that period and our service levels improved.

Tony Clark, CEO, National Transport Insurance

I’ve been coaching people for a very long time, albeit on a more informal basis. But having the Executive Central Coaching Academy frameworks, I can now continue coaching conversations without them being forced: you can draw on the different tools and techniques to assist the person sitting in front of you. It’s enabling them to achieve what they’re really after. The program tools and methods are really practical. They actually help people achieve the outcomes they’re looking for.

Haydn Thomas, Chief Executive, Mindavation

One of the biggest things that can make you feel somewhat ineffective as an executive and leadership coach is that you can often easily get to the root cause of someone’s challenge but not be able to help them fix it immediately. Executive Central’s Coaching Academy has given me some really practical and effective tools to use when having those conversations, so that I can actually assist people then and there and that has been the greatest benefit to me.

Brydie Bailey, Leadership Development Specialist, RACQ

I’ve been regularly offering coaching to my team and with the Executive Central tools, you know you will get results. It’s more structured than a free flowing conversation. And I have become a better listener, using funnelling and other techniques. I listen more and pick up a lot more.

Rachel Abel, General Manager and Delivery Lead of Student Communities University of NSW

Jane’s guidance during the development of the program has proved invaluable, as she has successfully engaged key industry sponsors and influencers and created a highly supported industry-wide program. She has proved to be a great asset to our industry and to those who will benefit from the program.

Stephen Hale, Head of Communications and Marketing, Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia

Coaching Academy really resonated with me in terms of the practicality of the methods we used, such as Happy Sad Happy and House of Change. I had understood or used these methods in the past but this program was about gaining a deeper understanding and putting a framework around it. It allowed me to understand more about the behaviours that drive situations, especially in leadership, and also how we operate on the surface level. So having new methods for understanding why people behave the way they do in certain situations is really helpful.

Susan Kennedy, People & Culture Business Partner, Nine

Executive Central’s Coaching Academy is practical and it’s real. You can employ the lessons learned from day one. You don’t have to be an executive coach per se, you can be a leader within your organisation. Coaching Academy gives you tools that you can use when working with your people and be able to say to them: ‘actually, here’s something — a concept or approach — you can use in that situation’.  People can apply that approach immediately. I found that after Coaching Academy I was able to do that more effectively using the additional tools and model that I’d gained.

Tanya Johnson, Executive Manager Talent within People Experience, Suncorp

The key takeaway for me was the practicality of Coaching Academy. Having a background in organisational psychology, I have worked with different models but didn’t find any one of them to be on the mission. However, I found all three of the Executive Central facilitators flexible in terms of their models, which gives them a much broader application.

Babette Graham, Director of Coaching and Leadership

The big take away for me was the focus on ‘strengths-based leadership’, that was pretty potent. We got to explore strengths even further, recognising our strengths and how to apply them. I feel it has given me confidence as a leader – that was huge. I also loved the Career Map work. I think that 20 years ago, if someone had sat with me and talked to me about my career map, I would have taken on a leadership role much earlier.

Tracy Spindler, Leading Station Officer, Fire & Rescue NSW


“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Executive Chairman, Executive Central



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