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Catalyst Leadership Program

Catalyst is a bespoke leadership program crafted to foster dynamic growth across various leadership roles within organisations. It emphasises essential leadership skills in personal development, team leadership, and organisational impact, grounded in individual business strategy and defined leadership capabilities.  

Participants engage in diverse educational methods, from interactive workshops and expert-led masterclasses to adaptive challenges and personalised executive or group coaching sessions. The program facilitates networking opportunities, cultivating valuable relationships and insights.  

At its core, Catalyst prioritises personal advancement and reflective practice, offering tailored feedback and coaching to identify strengths and growth areas, forming the basis of a custom development plan. This strategic blueprint guides participants in translating and applying their skills in real-world leadership scenarios. 

What You Will Get

We offer Tailored In-House Programs as well as a dynamic Public Program. All tailored programs undertake a thorough and collaborative design process, fully aligned to the needs of your organisation and shaping the topics, branding, and content specifically to you. 

See the Public Program Modules below or enquire now to discuss a tailored program.

1x Orientation Session

5x Prerequisite Workshops

4x Elective Workshops

Executive Group Coaching

3x Masterclasses

Program Elective Modules

Identify and harness unique strengths using Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0 to enhance team dynamics and performance.

Explore trust-building in leadership through values and purpose, solidifying an authentic leadership identity.

Learn strategies to build resilience and adapt to change for success in a fast-paced, digital world.

Master relationship-building and empathy to enhance effectiveness in diverse situations

Implement evidence-based strategies for maintaining energy and self-compassion to sustain peak leadership performance.

Craft and manage your professional brand to advance your leadership journey and impact how you serve others.

Motivate your team with clear, challenging goals, fostering connection, accountability, and collaborative success.

Cultivate a performance-driven team culture with trust at its core to achieve exceptional outcomes

Utilise continuous coaching to engage employees, reduce turnover, and elevate team performance.

Leverage stakeholder decision-making understanding to influence effectively and achieve results

Harness the power of constructive and actionable feedback for growth and learning.

Navigate organisational change with a visionary approach to foster growth and overcome barriers

Apply design thinking to align desirability, feasibility, and viability with customer-centric and innovative solutions.

Develop and execute strategic plans effectively, adapting them in response to real-world challenges for organisational success.

Embrace leadership principles aligned with good governance and public sector values.


Sharpen critical thinking to address complex challenges and drive decision-making in today’s intricate business landscape.

Create compelling narratives around leadership experiences to articulate vision and direction effectively.

The true value of industry thought leaders, is not their ability to acquire knowledge, but their willingness to share it.

Enquire today and one of our expert team members will be in touch to discuss the opportunities available and how Executive Central can be of assistance.

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