Reyna Matthes



Reyna’s mission is to inspire and support people to actualise their full potential. She delivers results for organisational clients through their most valuable resources – people. She achieves this by amplifying leadership impact and invigorating leaders so that they are energised, connected and performing at their very best.

CEO’s, executives and senior managers engage Reyna to assist them and their teams with reflecting on, challenging and changing their leadership practice through tailored individual and group coaching, bespoke training experiences and network development programs.

Reyna helps with identifying leadership strengths and challenges, articulating vision, and committing to strategic, or behavioural change that drives organisations forward. With a particular focus on future focussed practice in a supportive environment, and diversity and inclusion, Reyna helps leaders find their voice and influence.


Accessing 30 years’ of senior executive experience, Reyna has coached more than 2,000 leaders working with clients from 60 nationalities and across a diverse breadth of 70 industries: including ASX 200 companies in Australia and Asia-Pacific in financial and professional services, banking, property, and government. She supports leaders to drive transformational change, with an understanding of the drivers and opportunities in the contemporary business world and public sector context.


Reyna is known for her network growth expertise, used to create powerful dynamics to bring people together and leverage their talents, lean in to the key issues and address the barriers to leadership so that they develop and grow their influence. She delivers keynote presentations on the following topics:

  • Diversity and Inclusion;
  • Women in Leadership;
  • GallupStrengths/StrengthsFinder/Strengths Development coaching and workshops;
  • Business change;
  • Team Dynamics;
  • Career Development and Transition

Reyna holds lifetime accreditation with HumanSynergistics to administer the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) and Leadership Impact (L/I). And she has extensive experience debriefing and reporting on comprehensive leadership assessments (eg, Hogan, DISK, Gallup Strengths )


  • Senior Executive Leadership Development
  • Coaching – for individuals, teams and peer-based circles
  • Diversity and Inclusion – for leaders and organisations
  • Women’s Leadership Programs
  • Leading and hosting business Networking Events
  • C-Suite Peak Performance Coaching
  • High-Potential Leadership Development
  • New Position Transition Coaching for Senior Leaders
  • Next-Level Preparation for Senior Leaders
  • Leadership Executive Brand Development
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