The Four Hats Model

The Four Hats Model by Executive Central offers a nuanced approach to coaching, balancing the delivery of knowledge with the cultivation of a supportive, empowering relationship. It underscores the importance of adaptability and relational dynamics in coaching, offering a framework that resonates with both coaches and clients alike.

Essential Reads for Leaders

Over-the-shoulder view of a woman reading a book. Her hand rests on one of the pages.

Leaders are often at the forefront, making decisions that impact not only their teams but the entire organisation. This often puts corporate leaders at risk of burnout or diminishing their wellbeing – critical parts of ourselves that must be nurtured to lead others to the best of our potential. Part of nurturing our emotional and mental well-being includes continuing to grow our capacity to evolve and learn, an example being taking time to read.

Strength-Driven Leadership

At Executive Central, we are frequently asked why we are so passionate about strength-driven leadership development.  This question strikes at the core of our organisation’s purpose: to ignite the limitless potential of leaders and their teams! We firmly believe that every organisation harbours the potential to achieve any goal it sets. The key lies in unlocking […]