The Four Hats Model

The Four Hats Model by Executive Central offers a nuanced approach to coaching, balancing the delivery of knowledge with the cultivation of a supportive, empowering relationship. It underscores the importance of adaptability and relational dynamics in coaching, offering a framework that resonates with both coaches and clients alike.

Essential Reads for Leaders

Over-the-shoulder view of a woman reading a book. Her hand rests on one of the pages.

Leaders are often at the forefront, making decisions that impact not only their teams but the entire organisation. This often puts corporate leaders at risk of burnout or diminishing their wellbeing – critical parts of ourselves that must be nurtured to lead others to the best of our potential. Part of nurturing our emotional and mental well-being includes continuing to grow our capacity to evolve and learn, an example being taking time to read.

Strength-Driven Leadership

At Executive Central, we are frequently asked why we are so passionate about strength-driven leadership development.  This question strikes at the core of our organisation’s purpose: to ignite the limitless potential of leaders and their teams! We firmly believe that every organisation harbours the potential to achieve any goal it sets. The key lies in unlocking […]

The Journey from Communication to Connection

About 1,730,000,000 results (0.37 seconds) is the typical internet search response to an enquiry about communication techniques. Those listed on the first page provide a series of rules or instructions to follow. Most reflect a consideration as to who you might be communicating with and suggest an approach that includes listening, showing empathy and asking questions. They […]

Guides and tips to take the fear out of your next public speaking event

Regardless of the industry, one of the most critical professional skills is public speaking. Speaking comfortably and effectively to a crowd can facilitate formal board presentations and complex explanations to financial backers. It can also help you present ideas to colleagues and teammates. Every one of us wants to communicate better. Whether we’re presenting in […]

You can lead even if you don’t have a leadership role

You can be a leader even if you don’t have a title. But if you want to achieve that title and the team leader or manager position, you’ll have to reconcile a dilemma. Despite having yet to have a leadership role, you must demonstrate leadership at work to those who make promotion decisions. Working on […]

How to develop your emerging leaders

First the why If you google ‘emerging leader programs’ you’ll get dozens of results, and with good reason. Business surveys keep telling us about the importance of leveraging talent and of developing manager/leader effectiveness. KPMG’s 2022 Australian Leadership Survey tells us that talent – recruiting, retaining and upskilling – is still the #1 issue, ahead […]

A genuine passion for creating healthy workplaces for mental wellbeing

A genuine passion for creating healthy workplaces for mental health

By Mina Candalepas Consulting psychologist and SPEAK program founder From a young age I felt a high level of empathy, an innate sense of care for others and an interest in building a meaningful life. Thirty-five years ago those personal characteristics led me on the path to become a psychologist. In those early years, there […]

10 tips for casting away imposter syndrome for good

No one wants to feel like an imposter at work. But the truth is, imposter syndrome is a real thing. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong or you don’t deserve your job, know that you’re not alone. Most of us have experienced doubt and unworthiness at some point. But when your accomplishments result […]

What are the red flags for mental wellbeing within your organisation?

The last few years have seen a huge number of impacts. Some positive, including that we are now talking more about mental wellbeing. Sometimes, this talking is not heard. It’s time to change… If the global pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of mental health. Many have been mentally stretched with lockdowns and mandates, […]

5 Challenges for Women in Leadership Roles 

5 Challenges for women in leadership roles

A more diverse workforce, including more women in leadership roles, is linked to more innovation and financial performance. Although the workplace landscape has diversified it is still no easy road for the women who are stepping up to leadership roles. Studies show that having women in leadership roles can help organisations forge a deeper connection […]