Executive Leadership Team Support​​


Context and Overview

The client approached Executive Central to support the organisation as it worked through a significant period of change. A relatively new leadership team had been established and there was a need to bring the team together to improve cohesion. Executive Central was engaged to facilitate a Leadership Development program and it was agreed that the following program of work be delivered:

  • Undertake LSI assessments with all leaders and managers – this included administration of the tool and the delivery of a 1:1 debrief of the results.
  • Delivery of a 5-month program tailored for SWMS specific issues.  
  • Administration of StrengthFinders Assessment for each manager – StrengthFinders is a commonly used assessment tool that establishes an individual’s strengths and opportunities for career enhancement;

The program involved the development of the following;  Participation at 5 x ¾-day group sessions; Workbooks, papers and articles for each of the 5 modules presented throughout the course; On-line Strength Finders 2.0 assessment; LSI assessment and 1:1 coaching session with the facilitator; All pre-reading and program materials; An on-line evaluation and report of the efficacy of the Program at its completion; and Ongoing coaching in change management for Executive Leaders.

Key Challenges for the Client

  1. Newly established leadership team
  2. Team cohesion – needing to improve communication styles and approaches through self awareness
  3. Building a common language around team performance and leadership


  • Work-based projects have been incorporated into this Program (from time-to-time with the right sponsorship) and in recent times discussion has been considering provision of the notion of short-term placements with more senior leaders (day shadowing or short-term placements) across the NSW Public Sector and across into other sectors (Private and NGO).
  • Feedback on this program has been excellent, with Juvenile Justice reporting an internal evaluation undertaken in 2016 identified significant benefits to graduates 
  • Approximately 200 leaders (from Grade 7/8 through to SES) have participated in this program, either through Tranby, or the APSC, or internal programs in Aboriginal Affairs NSW or Department of Justice.

Business Overview

  • 155+ staff
  • SydWest Multicultural Services is a leading organisation for all cultural diversity issues responding to community needs and opportunities.
  • SydWest offers flexible and integrated service models across the life course of refugees and migrants, supporting the self-determination and empowerment of the region’s diverse communities.
  • Passionate, qualified and experienced bilingual and bicultural staff who are sensitive to the languages and cultures of the communities they represent

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