Women Leading Program​


Context and Overview

Recommencing in 2022 after a prior four-year period, from 2016 – 2019, Executive Central continues to provide a Leadership Program for high potential women from Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP – formerly Coca Cola Amatil). Based on the success of the initial leadership development program, CCEP institutionalised the initiative as the David Gonski Women in Leadership Program, with Executive Central remaining as the service provider. 

Delivered over five months, the program is centred around a number of face-to-face and virtual workshops focusing on leadership theory and practice, and career and personal development. Between these, participants receive one on one coaching, an internal mentor and content and collaboration through a Workplace group. With participants from all CCA Amatil businesses it is a highly engaging experience that positively impacts each individual and builds lasting networks and relationships across Amatil. 

Key Challenges for the Client

CCA had early identified a need to increase female representation in senior leadership roles, aiming to not just meet but exceed the objectives of their Gender Diversity policy. They also wanted to strengthen their female talent succession pipeline across CCA and improve female engagement more generally. This organisational improvement was seen as being required both in Australia and across Asia Pacific.


  • The David Gonski Women in Leadership Program has been delivered to 82 participants over the four-year period. Improved retention, promotion and cross-business transfer has occurred as a direct result of the intervention (as reported by participants and managers).
  • As well as direct impacts on the primary participants, the program has had a wide-spread effect throughout the organisation. This cascading of impact is built into the structure of the program: participants are all challenged and supported to drive leadership and female aspiration development within their teams, through mentoring, team meetings and other initiatives. Therefore, the program has made a cultural impact throughout the organisation.
  • The success of the program is due to a variety of elements that work in a synergistic manner to create enduring benefits to participants and to the client company. So many leadership coaching programs are carried out on a ‘one and done’ basis. This program is unique and innovative in that it is continuously integrated into the everyday enactment of leadership in the workplace. Whether it’s the involvement of previous cohorts as mentors, and or the participation in the alumni network, this program contributes to an organisation-wide enrichment of leadership. 
Direct Program outcomes​Number​%
Total participants​82​100
New roles across the business1721

Business Overview

  • 700,000+ employees across company and bottling partners.
  • Over 225 bottling partners across 900 bottling plants make up the CocaCola system to deliver globally.

The Coca-Cola Company markets, manufactures and sells:

    • beverage concentrates and syrups; and, 
    • finished beverages (including sparkling soft drinks; water and sports drinks; juice, dairy and plantbased drinks; and tea and coffee).

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