Frontline Leaders Program​


Context and Overview

The client approached Executive Central to support the organisation as it explored ways to improve Branch level outcomes through its leaders. Through requirements gathering and needs analysis process, a program was designed and deployed using a range of pre-developed and bespoke elements that were mapped to their capability framework.

Delivered over through nine interactive online workshops the program covered such topics as; the journey to leadership, self-awareness and management, emotionally intelligent leadership, motivational and developmental delegation, time and priority management, business acumen (the levers of leadership), coaching for performance discussions, leading superior teams, and leading and managing change. 

The program included interactive online workshops, peer coaching sessions (online), self-directed learning through our innovative e-zine and a participant survey used to evaluate the program was deployed.

The program was designed in a way that it could be embedded in business as usual and run more frequently across the department as part of ongoing leadership development. 

Key Challenges for the Client

  1. Building confident leaders
  2. Enabling trust and driving team performance
  3. Team cohesion – needing to improve communication styles and approaches through self awareness
  4. Building a common language around team performance and leadership


  • Development as a highly competent team member and leader
  • Increased self-awareness on learning styles, operating styles and strengths
  • Greater sense of satisfaction and decreased stress associated with team membership
  • Team learning that is put into practice immediately through a shared language and understanding to underpin further development
  • High performance teamwork leading to sustained success through the development of healthy and productive culture, structure and team process areas
  • High performing teams leading to bottom line improvement, higher levels of job satisfaction and engagement amongst team members.

Business Overview

  • 8,800+ staff
  • 79 different occupational areas
  • Vision is to create a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.
  • More than 3.6 million face-to-face interactions with Queenslanders and more than 6.7 million transactions using online service channels
  • Responsible for around 80 percent of all government counter transactions.
  • At the front line of planning, developing and maintaining the extensive network required to keep Queensland moving

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