First Peoples Leading - IMPACT

Empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with leadership confidence and capability​

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Program Thought Leaders and Facilitators

This program is delivered by industry experts and executive coaches who will share their experience and in-depth subject knowledge with you throughout the program.

Nicole Major

Senior Associate

Sally-Anne Ross

Executive Central
Principal & Facilitator

Jason Ardler

Co-Founder & Director

David Major

Co-Founder & Director

Glenn Ball OAM

Executive Central
Co-Founder & Director

Rachel Ardler

Senior Associate

Rick Macourt

Senior Associate

Melissa Ellis

Senior Associate

Paul Garcia

Executive Central Facilitator

Course Overview

Developing the confidence, capabilities and connections to successfully transition and thrive in leadership roles is critical to achieving tangible, long-term improvements in the social and economic outcomes experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their families and communities. FPL IMPACT is targeted at First Peoples, team and people leaders, looking to strengthen their impact on team effectiveness. The program uses a strengths-based approach to leading and guiding teams.

Often motivated more by aspiration than ambition, many First People possess the hallmarks of good leadership – purpose, resilience and humility. Yet First People are likely to face a number of unique challenges that must be anticipated, managed and ultimately leveraged in order to realise the purpose that drives their leadership aspiration.

The program is delivered online via live video stream and is uniquely engaging experience. Delivered over 10 weeks, the program is centred around 5 x 2.5 hour workshops, comprehensive e-learning resources and 1:1 coaching.

This is an interactive and participatory program and an opportunity to develop long-lasting connections and powerful professional networks.

Program features 

  • Highly experienced and respected First Nations facilitators and presenters
  • Evidence-based best practices from current research and lived experience in leadership
  • Topic and industry experts


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What You Can Expect

5 Expert Online Workshops Delivered over 10 weeks

3 x 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Access To Online Learning Material

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FPL Impact

FPL Impact is a program tailored for First Nations people who are aspiring people leaders. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and align purpose, values, aspiration and ambition  
  • Understand your own unique operating style and that of your team and how this contributes to team performance
  • Understand how to maintain your resilience and lead with dignity and authenticity
  • Understand how to communicate for influence and impact 
  • Establish and maintain professional networks

Workshop 01


  • Effective leadership 
  • Purpose, Aspiration & Ambition 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • I-We-You Leadership Framework 

Workshop 02

Standing Where You Are

  • Self-awareness
  • Imposter Syndrome 
  • Resilience
  • Dignity – Building trust 
  • Authentic Leadership 

Workshop 03

Influence and Impact

  • Operating Styles
    • Self and team awareness
    • Workplace case study 
  • Strengths

Workshop 04

Leading & Managing Change

  • Communication 
  • Transformational Change  

Workshop 05

Looking Ahead

  • Team Effectiveness 
  • Career Mapping

Who Is This Program For

FPL Impact is a program tailored for First Nations people who are experienced team and people leaders.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in leadership roles & have the aspiration to progress into more senior roles.
  • People who are looking to have a more significant impact and enhance their leadership skills and tools
  • Team/people leaders looking to improve their leadership capacity to manage more effective team performance
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people/team leaders wanting a culturally unique and rich workshop environment for leadership challenges and growth

For Aboriginal leaders, the social and moral obligation that comes with community leadership is life-long. Those who lead, who have authority, must care for and look after those who come behind.

- Senator Patrick Dodson

“Our aspiration is not just to create great First Nations leaders, but to create great leaders, full stop! Purposeful leaders, equipped with the agility and confidence to respond adaptively and with dignity to the unprecedented complexity and pace of change currently experienced by our communities and organisations.”

Jason Ardler & David Major

Thirriwirri Co-Founding Directors

Upcoming Program Dates

Develop and energise your authentic talents. Embrace and hone your unique skills to empower your leadership journey

The First Peoples Leading program is a partnership of Executive Central and Thirriwirri.

Thirriwirri is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated organisation formed for the purpose of supporting First People communities and others to build the confidence, capabilities and connections to work together differently to achieve improved outcomes. The Directors of Thirriwirri have a combined 40 years senior executive experience, leading multi-disciplinary teams, strategy and reform across a range of complex policy areas.

Thirriwirri is Supply Nation Registered and NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Assured.

Acknowledgement of Country

We pay our respects to Elders and community leaders, and those leaders that came before us, who for millennia have maintained the world’s oldest surviving cultures and who have made it possible for us to do what we do. We acknowledge the strength and innovation of our young people, the leaders and Elders of the future.

We also pay respect to the non-First Nation people we work with who share our vision for an empowered, prosperous and culturally assured First Nations Australia.

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