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Create Great Leaders & Strong Teams

Online Programs

Our online leadership programs are tailored for specific participants, providing the tools and strategies needed to be a more effective and versatile leader or coach.

Programs for Small Groups & Teams

Our programs and workshops for small groups and teams are of specific importance to leaders and drive the success of individuals and their wider teams.

Organisation Wide Programs

Our organisational programs provide profound, lasting impacts for both participants and organisations. Refine your organisations leadership with our results focused training programs.

Programs for Small Groups & Teams

Programs that support individuals and teams to achieve sustainable results.

Superior Team Performance

Leading and working in teams is integral to successfully achieving business goals in any organisation. Likewise, agility and the ability to quickly form into teams that perform are essential skills for responding to changing conditions. This program utilises exclusive coaching methods, tools and knowledge resources to build frameworks to improve your teams performance.

Leading with Strengths

Our expert team work with clients to identify individual and team strengths. Participants are guided through the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment and typically find their results to be a revelation. The program helps team members and aspiring leaders understand how to excel in their role and increase their contribution to the business as part of a high-performing leadership team, based on their individual strengths.

Sales Academy

ADAPTOR© is a new and pragmatic approach to professional selling that turns organisational good  intention into sales force action, and ensure active salespeople are  effective salespeople! It explores the ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ of professional selling and dispels many selling myths along the way.

Superior Influencing Skills

This program is based around our ADAPTOR® Professional Influence framework. This program addresses the process of influencing, the emotional intelligence of influencing, and how to build a culture of positive influence within modern organisational life.

Advanced Presentation Skills

Our Advanced Presentation Skills Program is comprised of 4 modules; Prepare, Perform, Pivot, and Persuade, with each module building on the learning of the other as the participants progress.

Leading For Purpose

Executive Central’s Leading for Purpose program is designed specifically for volunteer, charity and not-for-profit organisations.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

- John F Kennedy

Organisation Wide Programs

Unlock Your Company’s Potential Through Our Leadership Programs

Leaders Thriving

This program is designed to meet the needs of key individuals as leaders, influencers, and emerging talent. The program takes a strength-based approach that builds confidence, capabilities and better informs participants of their contribution to the organisation.


The SPEAK™ mental wellbeing program builds leader awareness of mental health concerns within their organisation. SPEAK provides leaders with training and individual support on initiating, engaging and managing critical conversations about mental health and wellbeing, whether among teams, or with individual staff.

Quantum Leadership

Provides leaders with an approach to leadership that can be applied at an individual, team, or organization-wide level, and which can produce rapid positive outcomes. Quantum Leadership supercharges many established approaches to leadership and enables leaders to excite a quantum leap in performance to match the seismic shifts confronting their organizations.

Women Leading

This program encourages your organisation to lead the way towards a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable future. Designed for aspiring female leaders to drive individual growth and elevate their leadership capabilities.  

First Peoples Leading

This is a dedicated leadership program for First Peoples. It contributes to the development of leadership for emerging leaders, allowing them to have a positive impact in their communities, the business sector and wider industry. 

Coaching Skills For Leaders

Purposefully designed to build leadership capability and to support the establishment or continuation of a coaching culture within organisations. This program provides the tools and the benefit of Executive Central’s experience to help build your leaders and their individual effectiveness.

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Customised Programs

Design your own unique training by using timely topics for leadership development and combining them into a customized learning journey to engage your entire organization and enact real change.

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