Leadership and Coaching Program​


Context and Overview

Landscape Sciences Branch had experienced significant workplace change and opportunities in relation to staff, work structures and activities. This included recruitment of key positions within the branch, such as Director and science leaders, supporting staff transitioning to retirement. This was underpinned by the need to renew their work program to strengthen business delivery, collaborations, networks and scientific services on a day to day basis.

Within the branch, there had been internal structural change to support the alignment of work resources as well as the joining of new activities and teams into the program. Executive Central was engaged to work with the Leadership in the Department to enhance the cohesiveness and collaborative outcomes of the team, to help senior and aspiring senior leaders to better understand their leadership roles and skills and to build a common language in describing these roles. Furthermore, there was a desire to enhance personal understanding for team members what it means for them as individuals as well as how to better support the professional development of colleagues and teams. 

Key Challenges for the Client

  1. Workplace change and how to lead through it
  2. Role clarity – what it means to be a leader in the Division
  3. Building a common language around team performance and leadership


Feedback received over the course of the program, the participants recognised the fact that they are professional leaders and project managers who lead, deliver and manage the work programs and that they can influence outcomes for the business in numerous ways – this was evident in the behaviour changes experienced by others. 

    • It was also recognised that the following attributes, skills and capabilities are highly valued that underpin the delivery of our scientific, professional and work management and that as a result of the program every one of these was enhanced:
    • collegiate and personal relationships matter and deeply affect the quality of delivery;
    • personal and team leadership that is focussed on outcomes through others gets the most powerful result;
    • effective project communication and shared work planning is key to being an effective and efficient workplace;
    • collaborations and ability to maintain relationships established locally and within the program is seen as a key outcome; and
    • dealing with change and uncertainty as leaders in the midst of the global pandemic was seen as a significant contributor to outcomes.

Business Overview

  • 3,000+ staff
  • Protect and manage parks, forests and the Great Barrier Reef; enhance Queensland’s ecosystems; protect significant heritage places; minimise or mitigate impacts to the environment.
  • lead the development of science strategy for government; deliver scientific expertise to protect and manage environment and natural resource base; support the development of Queensland’s science sector.
  • Drive the government’s policy and program direction for young people in Queensland

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