Large-scale Leadership Program​


Context and Overview

The iLEAD leadership program was established by the Division recognising that ongoing investment in leadership was needed. The shape and design of the program came about from analysis of staff survey results, observations and feedback from Senior Executive leaders. In summary, it has been a very well received and positive program. Its success can be contributed to the program’s relationship to current business priorities.

The content was tailored to meet the relevant drivers and issues shaping the Division, delivered using actual leadership challenges. These include, 360-degree assessments, debrief coaching sessions, progress reporting, cohort reporting and executive coaching. The DCJ program also required a 3-way alignment meeting between coach, participant and participant’s direct manager to ensure alignment around the development priorities each participant would take into the Lead the Way program. 

Key Challenges for the Client

  1. Lack of prior development of leaders 
  2. Survey results less than ideal and not aligned to expectation
  3. Building a program that is relevant to nearly 300 participants and supporting with logistics


  • Over the six-month period, 16 modules were delivered to 280 participants across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne with the following:

    • 63% of participants at the APS 6 level 
    • 37% of participants at the EL1 level

    Other notable outcomes include:

    • The program was able to be embedded into the wider core development program portfolio (along with induction) and continue to support existing leaders in addition to new and emerging leaders.
    • iLEAD started to form part of the development discussion linked to Personal Development goals in PDAS and captured in our HR metrics data. 
    • iLead created a platform for the creation of a mentoring program with a selected number of EL2 leaders supporting APS 6 and EL1s. The aim of this was to ensure that the program is delivering its intended benefits and that the organisation continue to nurture and support the next generation of leaders in PBID.
    • Key to the program’s success was its ability to deliver modules that are relevant and connect to business outcomes.
    • It was important that EL2 leaders have access to the material from iLEAD to lead and mentor others. Available ongoing development opportunities for our senior leaders was also identified as being needed.

Business Overview

    • 21 Agencies in the portfolio
    • 3,885 staff

    Strategic priorities include:

    • better health and ageing outcomes for all Australians
    • an affordable, quality health and aged care system
    • better sport outcomes.


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