Experienced and accredited Executive Central coaches use the Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact® (L/I) tool with executives and managers they coach to provide unique insights into their personal leadership strategies. The L/I assessment also illustrates the effect of those strategies on the behaviour and performance of others.

The L/I tool is a product of extensive leadership effectiveness research. It is used by organisations globally and has been featured in leading peer-reviewed academic journals.


Where appropriate and needed, our coaches use the L/I assessment to gather feedback on each leader they coach via two mechanisms:

  1. The L/I Self-Report Inventory: The coachee describes their own perceptions of their leadership approach and how they’d like to shape and influence the behaviour of other people.
  2. The L/I Description-by-Others Inventory: Up to 12 of the coachee’s peers, managers and/or subordinates (chosen by the leader) provide feedback on their leadership approach and overall effectiveness.

Both inventories are based on rigorous academic and psychometric standards. They generally take between 20-30 minutes to complete. Both are available online and on almost any digital device, as well as on paper.

The data is processed electronically and a confidential report is provided for the leader being coached, which:

  • identifies any gaps between the way they are perceived by others and the leader who they want (and need) to be;
  • considers the implications for their colleagues and their organizations, as well as their personal and professional performance;
  • makes recommendations for change.

An Executive Central coach then guides the leader through the findings and helps them to develop strategies and techniques to improve their long-term effectiveness and impact.


It is generally recommended that L/I is applied in conjunction with the Organizational Culture Inventory®. Together, they enable an integrated approach to developing individual, group and organizational-level thinking and behavioural styles.


The L/I assessment is used to provide valuable insights into the influence and effectiveness of your organization’s leaders. It helps them to confront and overcome their personal barriers to achieve outstanding performance, and, through their leadership, to enhance the performance of their teams and your organisation as a whole. It’s particularly useful for:

  • initiating and promoting leadership development;
  • coaching individual managers and executives;
  • evaluating your leadership development initiatives;
  • promoting a healthy organizational culture;
  • enhancing organizational effectiveness.


The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) can be used during the needs analysis process of a coaching assignment. It is one of several assessment tools that can be used to determine needs.


The Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI) can be used to assess your organization’s culture. The OCI is the world’s most widely used tool for measuring organizational culture. 


We use the Leadership/Impact® (L/I) tool with executives and managers to provide unique insights into their personal leadership strategies.


The Organizational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI) tool can help you develop a deeper understanding of your organization’s culture, through the perspectives of the people who live it every day.

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