Executive Central’s Strengths Based Leadership program has opened doors for thousands of participants to a new world of self-awareness and confidence in their leadership. Our expert coaches work with clients online in our virtual coaching room, Coachlive, to identify individual and team strengths. Participants are guided through the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment and typically find their results to be a revelation.

The program helps team members and aspiring leaders understand how to excel in their roll and increase their contribution to the business as part of a high-performing leadership team, based on their individual strengths as identified by the StrengthsFinder Assessment.


The StrengthsFinder Assessment is a world-leading developmental tool that provides powerful insights into individual and team talents and strengths. It helps our coaches play to the client’s existing strengths to turn great potential into greater performance. A strengths approach is a powerful lever for leadership and team development and sustained performance. Awareness of your own strengths and talents, and an understanding of how to develop and use them in a leadership context, is what distinguishes high achieving managers and executives.

StrengthsFinder has been developed from Gallup’s 40+ years of research into what makes people successful.


When individuals focus on their natural strengths, success follows. It’s a simple strategy but one that’s often overlooked in the quest to fill the gap on weaknesses. People who focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. They are also more productive individuals and team members.



The core talents of each senior team member are identified and mapped to their specific role and career path in a 1:1 coaching session. Based on their strengths, opportunities and next steps are negotiated and agreed to with the individual and employer to maximise and deploy their talents for enhanced engagement and performance.


  • Experience-based understanding of the Strengths model
  • Confirmation of your own unique strengths and development areas
  • A clear plan to maximise influence, leadership and career success through strengths 


Team workshops strengthen the team’s delivery as a group. The team’s strengths are mapped together, shared and analysed in a two-hour workshop. The workshop is tailored to focus on individual performance, leadership development and/or team development. The core talents of each team member are identified and mapped out in the workshop.


• Engaged team members who understand their talents and how to develop them into strengths
• Leveraging of strengths for superior individual and team performance
• Integration of effort and synergistic working
• Increased and shared sense of purpose.
• Understand and utilise the strengths of other senior colleagues for enhanced team performance

Prior to the workshop we provide codes for your team members to access and individually complete the StrengthsFinder Survey. They then receive their comprehensive Strengths report.

Report data is used to explore:

A model for strenths based leadership


People improve faster and further on areas where they are already strong and gain satisfaction, than they do in areas where they are weak. This is contrary to some perceptions that focus on developing weaknesses brings the greatest return. In fact, developing areas of weakness only frustrates people and focuses their energy on becoming ‘well rounded’, rather than exceptional.

The leading research in performance shows that, irrespective of industry or nationality, the greatest indicator of a team’s productivity is the sense within individuals that:

“I have the chance to use my strengths every day at work.”


Executive Central provides a variety of formats for accessing the Strengths Based Leadership approach: workshops, team training and individual coaching. All of these are customised in terms of content, timing, length of sessions and focus, to suit your needs.


“We think that any organisation in the business of performance improvement should absolutely guarantee its own performance. We believe so strongly in the success of our work and stand so firmly by our results that we offer a full or partial service refund if clients don’t see expected returns.”

Rob Balmer, Managing Director, Executive Central