Strength-Driven Leadership

At Executive Central, we are frequently asked why we are so passionate about strength-driven leadership development

This question strikes at the core of our organisation’s purpose: to ignite the limitless potential of leaders and their teams! We firmly believe that every organisation harbours the potential to achieve any goal it sets. The key lies in unlocking this potential.

Rob Balmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Executive Central. Image links to company Instagram page.

Individuals possess unique talents and strengths that contribute significantly to their potential. Embracing the power of diversity is crucial, extending beyond the inherent diversity of gender, culture, and age. We actively tap into the acquired diversity individuals bring, such as diverse thought, experience, style, and, notably, talents and strengths.

Regrettably, many individuals remain unaware of their true talents and strengths, leading to untapped potential. This lack of self-awareness often results in diminished confidence and self-esteem. Individuals tend to perceive work as an endurance test rather than a source of enjoyment, merely going through the motions. Extensive research demonstrates that individuals who comprehend and apply their unique talents and strengths in their work life deliver immense value, feel engaged and valued, and consistently exceed role expectations.

For two decades, our coaching work has centred around helping thousands of leaders and their teams identify their unique talents and strengths. We guide them in recognising how these qualities have propelled their careers thus far. More importantly, we assist them in intentionally directing these talents and strengths towards significant future endeavours, including their own leadership journeys. By doing so, leaders move beyond mere survival and truly thrive.

We understand firsthand that being an organisational leader is challenging. Leaders step away from the safety of the crowd and face daunting situations. To excel in such roles, individuals must bring forth their best selves and embrace continuous learning and adaptation. Customised coaching support is invaluable in helping each leader succeed. Within this coaching framework, we guide them in identifying, understanding, and purposefully harnessing their talents and strengths to fulfil their roles in a unique and exceptional manner.

Of course, a strength-driven leadership approach does not imply neglecting weaknesses. Addressing weaknesses is occasionally necessary to prevent any adverse impact on leaders, their teams, or their organisations. We assist individuals in managing their weaknesses. However, both our experience and extensive research in positive psychology and strengths-based theory suggest that improving weaknesses will, at best, yield average proficiency in those areas.

In Summary:

Our aim is not to cultivate organisations filled with “average” leaders. To fully unlock the limitless potential of leaders and their teams, we must empower them to become the best versions of themselves and truly excel in their roles. This can only be achieved when leaders possess a profound understanding of their own strengths and actively leverage them to uplift the individuals they lead.

Hence, the strengths-based approach to coaching has become a foundational element in the pragmatic, business-oriented style of coaching that we have developed and refined over two decades at Executive Central.

Rob Balmer

Co-Founder and Chairman
Executive Central
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