Andrew Tod

Principal Consultant

Andrew Tod

Andrew Tod has extensive experience in senior management and consulting in strategy, marketing and business development in the resources, energy and construction sectors. Andrew’s professional experience and knowledge provides a powerful platform for his executive coaching and consulting practice.

Andrew’s expertise is in unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams, by working with them to ensure they are working to their strengths. He has a proven record of driving and delivering improved individual and team performance. He achieves this by working with people to fully enable their strengths and by developing more effective influencing and communication skills through increased self-awareness and awareness of others.

As a Gallup-accredited Strengths Coach, Andrew uses the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment tool to help clients identify their strengths and build a professional practice that is based on fully enabling and enhancing those skills and knowledge base. Focusing on developing a person’s strengths is a powerful and proven way to unlock potential.

Andrew understands that getting the best from your people and building cohesive teams, where each member understands their role and what they need to achieve, is critical to an organisation’s success.

Andrew is a creative and strategic executive coach who works with a range of clients in many industries to solve complexity and key challenges. He continually achieves successful outcomes by finding alternative pathways and considering options and scenarios from multiple perspectives.

He employs these skills in workshop facilitation to challenge the status quo and explore new areas for development for both organisations and individuals.

Andrew is acutely aware of the critical nature of effective leadership, communication and teamwork in order to drive business growth and capture opportunity.

He shares his experience and lessons learned in leading and developing people, strategy, business transformation, and relationship building.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Superior Team Performance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Marketing and Business Development


Over his 40-year career, Andrew has performed senior management roles in market-leading companies in Australia and internationally in the resources, energy and construction sectors. He has advised State Government Ministers, Boards and executive management on a range of issues including strategy, marketing, stakeholder management and conflict resolution.


  • Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University
  • MBA from the University of Queensland
  • Gallup-accredited Strengths Coach
  • Accredited Executive Coach