Management Development Program​


Context and Overview

Over the past four years (and ongoing), Executive Central has delivered the full Esri Management Development Program.  A core component of this program has been the provision of F2F coaching and capability-based 360-degree assessments to every participant in the program (approx. 200 participants to date) at both the beginning and end of each cycle of the program.  

Each cycle involves ongoing individual coaching for each participant, which is delivered via our Coachlive platform, and comparative 360-degree surveys to assess progress against development priorities. Our account manager meets on a quarterly basis with Esri’s internal program steering committee (CEO, HR Director and other key Directors) and provides cohort reports, key theme analysis reports and recommendations for the program moving forward.  

We have also facilitated numerous group coaching workshops throughout the organisation based on the findings of the cohort reports provided.  These have included “Engaging with Impact” workshops and “Superior Team Performance” workshops, each of which included topics that had been identified as common areas of need throughout the business.

Key Challenges for the Client

  1. Building self-awareness
  2. Developing confident leaders
  3. Helping leaders to be able to influence with greater impact


  • Each individual participant had before and after 360-degree assessments conducted (12 months apart) utilising our Leadership Capability Assessment Tool (LCAT).  
  • Detailed reports were generated and shared with the executive team.  The results showed a statistically significant increase could be measured in the capabilities that were the subject of the coaching program (including a 10% reduction in their staff turnover rate) which was largely attributed to the improved behaviours and skills of managers.  
  • Overall business performance has markedly improved over the past 4 years.  The executive attribute a significant part of this to the improved culture of the business.


Business Overview

  • 49 offices worldwide and employees from 73 countries
  • 11 dedicated research centers
  • 251 Employees in Australia
  • Dynamic workforce with experts in geographic science, software development, and data analytics
  • Deliver powerful mapping & spatial analytics software and apps that combine mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organisations of all sizes

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